Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Bucket List Redux

Four years ago, I created a transwoman bucket list, that is, things to do in your life as a woman. Readers suggested additions and I made some additions, too.

Heather recently emailed me the list with the items that she did do, didn't do and did not want to do, so noted. She also had a bunch of additions.

Her email motivated me to update the my list and post it here. [A checkmark (✓) indicates an item I accomplished; X indicates an item I am not interested in accomplishing.]

  • Appear in the media ✓
  • Attend a black-tie event ✓
  • Attend a cocktail party ✓
  • Attend a school reunion ✓
  • Attend a wedding ✓
  • Attend female-only/oriented events ✓
  • Check in/out of a hotel ✓
  • Come out to everyone
  • Compete in a womanless beauty pageant
  • Dance ✓
  • Dress en femme more often than not... ultimately 24/7
  • Drive a car ✓
  • Drive cross-country ✓
  • Flirt
  • Get a bra fitting without breast forms ✓
  • Get a bridegown fitting
  • Get a corset fitting ✓
  • Get a driver’s license
  • Get a girdle fitting ✓
  • Get a makeover ✓
  • Get a manicure and pedicure
  • Get a tattoo(s) X
  • Get a wig fitting ✓
  • Get breast augmentation X
  • Get castrated X
  • Get ears pierced
  • Get hormone therapy X
  • Get other piercings (other than ear piercing) X
  • Get rid of my varicose veins ✓
  • Girls' night out with genetic females ✓
  • Go on a date
  • Go out to eat ✓
  • Go to a casino ✓
  • Go to a concert
  • Go to a hair salon to get a feminine hairdo
  • Go to a movie ✓
  • Go to a public beach
  • Go to a support group meeting ✓
  • Go to a non-transgender convention ✓
  • Go to a transgender convention ✓
  • Go to church ✓
  • Go to Diva Las Vegas X
  • Go to Fantasia Fair ✓
  • Go to the mall ✓
  • Go to the polls to vote
  • Be a juror
  • Go to the theater ✓
  • Go to work ✓
  • Go to work daily, not only on Halloween
  • Grow my hair long
  • Kiss ✓
  • Live full-time for an extended period of time ✓
  • Live full-time 24/7
  • Make love
  • Make-out
  • Model in a fashion show ✓
  • Perform on stage
  • Permanent facial and body hair removal
  • Pluck my eyebrows ✓
  • Public speaking ✓
  • Shop for a dress and try it on in the store’s changing room ✓
  • Shop for groceries ✓
  • Shop for shoes ✓
  • Sing ✓
  • Speak with a convincing feminine voice
  • Take a continuing education class  
  • Take cooking classes
  • Take sewing classes
  • Travel by air
  • Travel internationally
  • Tuck ✓
  • Undergo Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) X
  • Use public transportation (taxi, bus, rail) ✓
  • Use the ladies' restroom ✓
  • Wear a bikini in public
  • Wear a bra and breastforms 24/7
  • Wear a one-piece swimsuit in public ✓
  • Wear fingernail polish in public ✓
  • Wear toenail polish in public ✓
  • Write a book about femulating ✓

Your additions are welcome.

Source: Moda Operandi
Wearing Alexis mini-dress (Source: Moda Operandi)

Simon Cruz
Simon Cuz, male womenswear model


  1. My count of your list shows about 49% complete. It might be fun if a file of the list were available for download .....

    1. My count is 55% (80/44) and if I subtract the 7 that I am not interesting in accomplishing, it is 60%.

    2. Stana -- what 7 items are you not wanting to accomplish? Some of those are quite something!
      deborah sawyer

    3. An X follows the 7 items in the list that I do not want to accomplish.

  2. Janet YbarraNovember 07, 2018

    Which others on the list do you plan to check off in the future?

    Also, would you write about how you feel about the election results?

  3. Interesting that I can't find anything via Google about Simon Cruz, the male womenswear model.

    1. That's because I spelled his name wrong! It's Simon Cuz, not Cruz.

  4. Very nice! I'm so glad to see so many check marks on your new list! Stana, you are an inspiration to me. I do not think I'd have 1/4th the confidence I have if it were not for your blog, the list of friends on the right hand column and others who are like us giving me strength to be Heather.