Friday, November 2, 2018

Halloween Redux

I subscribe to GoComics, which sends me a daily email of comic strips that I like to read. Some are current (Dick Tracy) and some are vintage (Nancy).

One strip I read is The Meaning of Lila, which isn't exactly vintage, but isn't current either – it ran for nine years (2003-2012). For the past few days, the strip had a Halloween theme with Lila and her friend Boyd attending a Halloween party. Here is the strip I received on Friday:

I thought it was interesting in that Friday's strip addressed the issue of girls like us dressing as convincing women on Halloween and as a result, bringing up the question of our sexuality among the civilians.

It certainly has happened to me.

I recall attending a Halloween party at law school en femme. A classmate also attended en femme. His costume was a joke (big party balloon breasts, fright wig, no makeup, etc.), whereas my costume was up to my usual standards of trying to be as convincing as possible.

The partygoers reacted accordingly. Whereas they joked and made rude comments about my classmate's costume, the same people reacted differently to my costume. Most people did not say anything; they just stared at me, seemed to be in awe and were speechless.

One friend did say that he did not realize how feminine my male speech and mannerisms were until I dressed as a woman and now my appearance matched my personality!

Also, I had to fight off the advances of one of the band members who wanted to have his way with me. Not sure if he was a transvestite chaser or he thought I was a cisgender woman, but either way, it was my first encounter with a male admirer and it sure made me think about my sexuality.

Source: Moda Operandi
Wearing Alexis strapless linen romper (Source: Moda Operandi)

Rachel shopping for that perfect Halloween costume.
(Send me a photo of your all-time favorite Halloween femulation and I will post it here, too.)


  1. Stanna
    It sounds like you "outed yourself" by looking too good and normal
    If you try to pass as a woman at a fancy dress do it will be obvious you have done it more often than you care to admit to

  2. Janet YbarraNovember 03, 2018

    Others, perhaps, may disagree but this is why I don't consider drag queens and that ilk to be transgender.

    Yes, they are wearing the costume. But too often that's just what it is, a costume. They don't identify as female. In fact, often they are mocking them.

    Just my two cents...

  3. I agree with Janet drag queens do mock woman and trans woman.

  4. The cartoon is very close to real life
    A woman would have no problem going to a fancy dress in a nmale costume
    A man female costume would face the attitudes shown there