Friday, August 3, 2018

Weekends are for femulating!

Can You Hear Me Now Dept.

"Voice training for transgender women is about more than adjusting pitch: 'We’re changing how they express themselves'" is the long title of an interesting article from The Lily News about trans voice training in this day and age.

Bottom line is, as one trans woman put it, "Passing is a safety thing for transgender people, and the voice is part of that. It's not just for me to be comfortable, but to protect me."

Can You Read My Dress Dept.

Received an online advertisement from Eileen Fischer for their The Future Is Female Morse Code Collection. The clothing in the collection has a pattern of dits and dahs that spell "the future is female."

The ad mentions that, "Because we believe in the potential of the next generation, we're donating 10% of sales from this collection to Girls Who Code, a nonprofit that's helping young women build a future in tech."

As a ham radio operator, the Morse Code pattern caught my eye and I considered buying an item for my wardrobe until I saw the price tags. Most inexpensive item was a tee shirt for $88.

Source: Intermix
Wearing Intermix dress, Jimmy Choo pumps and Ulla Johnson bag (Source: Intermix)

Vesna Prague
Vesna Prague, a Czech Republic femulator


  1. My voice is something I've always struggled with. Surprisingly, though, I recently started HRT and that seems to have made a difference. No, I'm not saying suddenly all the physical attributes of my vocal cords have magically changed. However, what I am receiving in my mind is a constant "I am female" signal which has somehow shaken something loose so that I am more easily speaking/expressing more feminine.

    No, it's not foolproof yet but I'm hoping it will only go from here over time.

    But just that one instant "I am a woman" without having to think about it is one of the most joyous feelings I can describe.

  2. I would add also on voice, in terms of actual voice change--whether therapy or surgery--that that is something we in the trans community really need to push to add to the list of covered health services.

    We have made incredible strides in what *is* covered now. My insurance will even cover a free boob job after a year of HRT if HRT doesn't get me "all the way there" but no voice coverage.

    And to me voice is not optional to live as a woman. You may find yourself in a position where your physical safety literally depends on it to get you through.

  3. Silly me! I always heard the 'weekends were made for Michelob'--AND FEMULATING! Yup! Sundays in partciular are made for Femulating..... Velma d