Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wednesday's Wash

The Despicable States of America Dept.

Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming

What do these states have in common?

They are the 16 states that want the Supreme Court to okay anti-trans workplace discrimination.

How Christian of them.

How's It Fit in Boston Dept.

Like today, I often feature clothing from Boston Proper in the "Femulate Her" slot below. Yet, I have never purchased anything from Boston Proper.

I am curious as to the fit and quality of their clothing. So if you have purchased anything from Boston Proper, would you mind commenting below or e-mailing me directly about your Boston Proper experience.

What's Your Source Dept.

Occasionally, I receive inquiries concerning the images I use in the blog. If I remember a source, I mention it, but most of the time, I have no idea where I found the image.

I have been collecting these images for nearly 20 years and I have a pool of over 10,000 images to choose from, so there is no way I can remember all of their sources.

If I was more religious about it, I would carefully note the source of each image when I find it, but I am an agnostic in that regard.

And so it goes.  

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper (Source: Boston Proper)

Jerzy Grzechnik
Jerzy Grzechnik femulates Florence and The Machine on Polish television's Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo.


  1. I am quite surprised that Maine is on the list and Missouri isn't.
    Gendre Amore
    Rural Missouri

  2. Janet YbarraAugust 29, 2018

    Maine, unfortunately, presently is under the sway of a total whack job governor named Paul LePage. He's kind of a "mini me" of the whack job in the Oval Office. Hopefully Maine will return to normal once he is gone.

  3. Janet YbarraAugust 29, 2018

    Even when it comes to marriage equality, even though the right to *marry* has been established, there are many states where it is perfectly legal for a same-sex couple to marry in the morning, post photos of their wedding, an employer who is anti-gay see those pics and fire said newlywed by the afternoon.

    The right to employment based on either sexual orientation or gender identity simply doesn't exist at the federal level or in too many states.

    I am very fortunate to live somewhere (a "blue state") where a specific law exists protecting the rights of transgender people statewide.

  4. The layout pattern of the 'Yellows' indicates a strong influence of 'THE BIBLE BELT, CHRISTIAN ART OF THE HOLIER THAN THOU', so called 'Christian' lobby AKA 'the SOUTHERN TALIBAN'. I have had to put-up with such shaming horses--t my entire life.
    I am not the least bit surprised S.C is on the list, but apparently, N.C learned their lesson last year. Perhaps a BOYCOTT of a few SC products, like VOLVO, BMW, MICHELIN (they have non-union plants in SC)would wake the rednecks up.
    The best way to get someones attention is to 'KICK THEM IN THE WALLET'.

    1. Janet YbarraAugust 29, 2018

      True enough, although I am disappointed Louisiana is on the list, only because it does contain New Orleans and relatively enlightened politicians like Mitch Landrieu.

  5. I've just had an amazing experience with Pinterest. I come on second life as a femboi and need profile pictures which I've found and used from Pinterest. But the other day I found out I got banned from the site because of the material I used and my name(female name lol) was sent to the department of missing and abused children. America, land the the free and home of the brave.

    1. Sounds as if your second name got used and falsely reported your name in order to damage you. It wont be the last time, and was damn sure not the first. Check if 'dept of missing, ect... kept link and id of reporting entity. Do demand all parties clean up the mess they helped make. Velma

    2. Thanks for the input Velma. I feel dealing with these people is like going into a barroom and picking a fight with the drunks. lol Sue

  6. Fake News!

  7. It seems like there are two issues at stake: First is the the legality of discrimination, but the larger issue is social acceptance. I'm self employed so no matter what laws congress passes, it cannot prevent my clients from taking their business elsewhere.

    Legal protection is nice, but social acceptance is the real goal and that cannot be legislated, it takes time. I feel like if more of us lead out in positive ways and show the world that we are not the crazy perverts they imagine us to be, that the time to acceptance could be shortened a bit.

    Steph J
    Rural Utah

    1. Hi Steph, I also am self employed but as a dairy farmer. It's hard work and low pay but the cows don't care about my femboi persona. Good luck. Sue