Friday, August 31, 2018

Did My Duty

Thursday evening, I called the court and a recorded announcement said that I did not have to appear for jury duty at Waterbury Superior Court this morning. That put an end to my plans to go to court as a woman. (The accompanying photo is the outfit I planned to wear for jury duty today.)

Anyway, according to the court's website, "If you are not required to appear, you have fulfilled your jury obligation for the court year in which you were summoned." So, I guess, I will have to wait 'til next year.

Meanwhile, my ham radio sister Stephanie sent me this link about what might have been... an article on the Alice in Genderland website about Dianna's experience serving as a juror en femme in California.

Wearing Diane von Furstenberg (Source

Eileen, Transvestia cover girl (1962)


  1. Janet YbarraSeptember 01, 2018

    At least you are set for next time. Also, hopefully this has inspired you to step out as Stana in many more day-to-day situations and activities.

    1. I am always looking for opportunities to be Stana! LOL

  2. Interesting that your jury duty is only for one day a year. Here, we are called for a week at a time, and could serve on a couple of cases during that time. That's better than a few years ago, when the term was for two weeks in a row. The upside is that we're normally only summoned once every six or seven years. Most of it is just profoundly boring since there's a lot of sitting around in the jury assembly room at the courthouse, and electronic devices are banned. I "did my time" for a week this July, and served on one trial, where we found a man accused of battery not guilty. I have to say it never occurred to me to go en femme, here in conservative Central Illinois ... maybe next time, if I'm still kicking by then! I admire you even more just for planning it! - Diane

    1. Each state is different. Here in Connecticut, you may be summoned every two years. You spend one day waiting on the bench to be selected to serve on a trial which may last for hours or days or weeks. If you are not selected that one day, you are good to go for two years. If you are selected, you are good to go for two years after the trial is over. I seldom get picked because I have two lawyers in my family and as a result, I know a lot of local lawyers personally, so they send me home if I know a lawyer in a case where I may serve as a juror. I also get sent home because I have a law degree and some lawyers don't want people serving on a jury that know too much about the law.