Monday, August 27, 2018

How I spent my summer vacation

Actually, I am on a permanent vacation, nevertheless, I set some goals for what I wanted to accomplish this summer.

Health-wise, I had a list of things to do before my former employer's health insurance coverage ended.

→ Go to my dentist for a check-up and cleaning

→ Go to my optometrist for a check-up

→ Go to my doctor for a check-up and to get referrals for a colonoscopy and for treatment of my varicose veins

Otherwise, I wanted to clean and organize our garage.

→ My dentist found one cavity. Got that fixed, so I am good to go tooth-wise.

→ My optometrist said my vision was unchanged; I did not need to change prescriptions, so I am good to go eye-wise.

→ My doctor gave me a clean bill of health and referrals for a colonoscopy and treatment of my varicose veins.

→ → My colonoscopy results were excellent (no polyps or cancer), so I am good to go when I have to go.

→ → My varicose veins were removed. One month later, my leg is still healing, but I should be good to go out in a skirt real soon now.

Cleaning and organizing the garage turned into a bigger project than I anticipated. The hot, humid weather has not helped. Although the house is air-conditioner, the garage is not and many days this summer, I only put in an hour or two out in the garage before throwing in the towel. But I am making progress and should be finished real soon now.

And so my summer vacation goes.

Source: OneHanesPlace
Wearing Hanes (Source: OneHanesPlace)

Terry, Transvestia cover girl (1961)
Terry, Transvestia cover girl (1961)


  1. Janet YbarraAugust 27, 2018

    So pleased for you that you were so systematic and received so much good health news. I certainly hope you have made arrangements for new health insurance once your current coverage lapses.

    Also, since you are out and about as Stana, have you considered visiting your health providers en femme?

    I don't know what the legal protection is there but if gender identity is a protected category, you are covered and it adds a whole new dimension to living an authentic life.

    1. I have never considered visiting my health providers en femme. Maybe next time.

  2. Do you have an attribution to the painting(?) of the 'ballplayer'?

    1. No. The image has been around for awhile and I have seen it in various locations on the Internet.