Tuesday, July 10, 2018


I don't know if you noticed, but femulators are getting younger and younger!

High schools used to be the site of womanless beauty pageants for the under-20 crowd. Over time, middle schools joined the competition and now we are seeing grammar school boys donning dresses, heels, wigs and makeup to see who is the prettiest gurl in the first grade!

Then there is the latest craze: pre-teen drag queens who are emulating RuPaul instead of Roy Rogers.

(Yes, I am so jealous of today's youthful gender benders. If I had the opportunities during my youth that young gurls have today, I am sure I would legally be a Miss today.)

Anyway, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I often feature femulations from the international Your Face Sounds Familiar television franchise in the Femulator slot below. Well I recently discovered that in the Philippines, there is a Kids spin-off of Your Face Sounds Familiar and yes, you guessed it, the kids are femulating, too!

A singing trio, the TNT Boys (Keifer Sanchez, Mackie Empuerto and Francis Concepcion), have femulated on the Kids spin-off a few times and they are very good. But they absolutely blew me away with their femulation of my favorite girl group The Supremes.

Now I am really jealous!

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper (Source: Boston Proper)

Jimmy Fay
Jimmy Fay (center) femulates a Shirley Temple wannabe in the 1934 film Million Dollar Baby. (Thanks to Chrissy for the heads-up about this film femulation.)


  1. There was a time (1930's and before) when boys wore dresses, and only when they turned about 8 they started wearing trousers and had their hair cut. In a lot of cases they had long hair so it was impossible to tell if they were not girls.

    So Jimmy Fay did not do anything that was too much out of the ordinary.

    1. Here is the plot of the film according to IMDB: A husband-and-wife vaudeville team disguise their young son as a girl so he can enter a contest run by a movie studio that's looking for "a new Shirley Temple".

  2. AnonymousJuly 10, 2018

    I would be interested how many of the 'young femulators' 'grow-into' the role as opposed to those who 'grow-out' of the role.
    Any psych majors needing 'grist' for the mill? As they say in Psych class: "Research is ME-search" (thinly veiled).
    V. Dinkley

  3. Sally StoneJuly 10, 2018

    Now, for something off topic: I absolutely adore the dress the Boston Proper model is wearing. I really love their clothes.



    1. I like it, too, but the back is too revealing for me!