Monday, July 9, 2018

Fire Sale

My mother-in-law used to say it looked like my wife went to a "fire sale" when she would purchase the same exact item of clothing in a variety of colors.

I am guilty of the same thing. When I find something that is just right, I will purchase more of the same figuring that the item may not be available in the future. That's how I ended up with four pairs of the same high heel pumps, two in black and two in nude. Or the same sets of bras and girdles, one pair in white and the other in black.

Previously, I mentioned the pencil skirt I bought at Macy's last month. I did not mention that it is figure-hugging and one of the few skirts I own that shows off my derreire.

I have no rear end! My wife has commented more than once about my flat dupa. But somehow, this pencil skirt manages to adjust what little I have to give me a shapely butt. I assume it is the result of the tightness of the skirt and the stretchiness of the skirt's scuba fabric.

I bought the skirt in a beautiful shade of blue (called "Lazulite") and regretted not buying it in other colors, too.

Last week, I noticed a pop-up ad from Macy's showing the skirt on sale. And if I bought two, shipping was free, so I sashayed as quick as a Playboy bunny to the Macy's website and ordered one in black and one in red.

I am my mother-in-law's daughter-in-law!

Source: New York & Company
Wearing New York & Company (Source: New York & Company)

Mayor Derek Easterling
During a fundraiser for Alzheimer's research, Kennesaw, Georgia, Mayor Derek Easterling performed as Christina Aguilera and was highly criticized by the local transphobes and haters. (Thanks to Peggy Sue for the heads-up about this story.)


  1. I agree with you 100%. If you see an item of clothing in this day and age, and like it, you better grab it, and grab it fast.
    I loved your reference to dupa. Welcome to the Polish sisterhood (of the traveling pencil skirts). It was used repeatedly in my youth, as I was growing up, and in many forms.
    I love your blog. Keep it up Stana.

    1. My parents were first generation Polish-Americans and spoke Polish in our home, so my first language was Polish. I did not learn English until my folks bought a television. Sadly, my parent's generation has passed on, so I don't speak Polish much anymore (unless I want to talk to myself).

  2. Re. Mayor Easterling: Have any of those people who are criticizing him seen the photos of Trump and the former mayor of NYC in drag? The Kennesaw mayor femulates much better than Rudy could even dream of doing. And it was for a good cause!

  3. AnonymousJuly 09, 2018

    I hope Mayor Derek dosent succumb to "The SOUTHERN ART OF HOLIER THAN THOU".
    I am reminded of the lyrics to 'Harper Valley PTA'. --worth a google-- if you are too young. Several things ILLEGAL IN GEORGIA: sex toys (sale and possession), cunnilingus, (somehow fellatio WAS legal), magazines with the word 'fetish' in them.... Velma D.
    PS, I bet the mayor didnt have to go far to find that outfit ;-).