Friday, July 6, 2018

Happy Aphelion Day!

A nurse femulation, circa 1920
Tuesday, I went to the doctor for a physical ― my first in the 21st Century.

This was a brand new doctor for me. My old GP moved years ago (probably in the 20th Century) and his office is now nearly an hour away, so I have been looking for a new GP.

When I had my first bout with poison ivy in May, I went to the local urgent care center and while I was there, I asked if there were any GP's in that medical building (which is a very convenient 10 minutes from my home). They gave me a list and when I returned home, I researched the list and chose one as my new GP.

I think I made a good choice. He is young, personable and seems to know his stuff. Instead of giving me a physical, he wanted me to get blood work and then come back for the physical after he gets the results, which makes sense to me. (I got the blood work done Thursday morning.)

They did check my vitals and took a urine sample. The doctor gave me a clean bill of health regarding my vitals and urinalysis, so so far, so good.

Since colon cancer runs in my family, he referred me for a colonoscopy (my third ― I hate the prep, but don't mind the test) and he also referred me to a vein center to deal with the varicose veins in my left leg.

I had varicose veins in that leg surgically removed over 25 years ago, but they returned about ten years ago. Now, instead of surgery, they stick a needle in my leg and insert some drug that dissolves the veins, so I will not have to go to the hospital as I did 25 years ago.

And so it goes.

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Patrick Timsit
Patrick Timsit (right) femulates in the 1995 French film Pédale douce.


  1. I thought I was bad about seeing the doctor but for someone our age to not have had a checkup this century that is saying something. Take care of yourself. We all want to keep following Femulate for many years to come.

    That was somewhat cryptic of you to mention 'aphelion' day and give no further information. Of course it is the day of the year when the earth is farthest from the Sun.

    1. I had a-phelion that's what it meant. :-)

  2. AnonymousJuly 06, 2018

    I just did a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy (it was the Dr's first awake Endo) in a one hour session -- totally awake, and aware as wife no longer drives and I did not have a driver. I got to watch the 'journey north' on a 21" flat screen, real cool to watch and not painful (uncomfortable somewhat) as one would imagine. Clean bill of health. 20 mins later, ready to drive home... Velma D.

  3. That is how my doctor does physicals: blood and other lab work first and then, after studying the results, he does the in-person part of the exam. The conversation is a lot more valuable that way. Glad you have a clean bill of health. I wish you many more instances of good news after a physical.

    I hate the prep for a colonoscopy also. Though the technology has improved quite a lot in the past couple decades, it is still no picnic. Glad you are diligent with it. I have lost friends to colon cancer, all of whom would likely still be with us if they had been diligent with getting regular colonoscopies.

  4. Janet YbarraJuly 08, 2018

    Did you visit the doctor en femme?

    Either way, glad everything all worked out well.

  5. Ever since my wife and I married, part of our agreement was to keep up on our doctor visits. She has some conditions that require attention. I have elevated cholesterol and am prone to get moles. We used to see a doctor in the city, she was competent and had a decent rapport with us but "the city" is an hour and a half drive away. We met her about 10 years ago and moved about 5 years ago. So we found a local internist. My wife never felt that this doctor had interest in helping/treating her. The doctor seemed to like me though. Aside from not treating my wife, the billing never was correctly coded. With my insurance, we're supposed to get an "annual visit" and everything that comes along with it. In the 4 years we saw that doctor, she never poked or prodded or even "left no stone unturned." Last year, my insurance added a thing that if I did 3 required visits, I'd get an additional $200 on my flexible spending medical account. We tried switching to another doctor and different brand affiliation in town. When my wife was talking to the doctor, she was told that if she asks anything outside of "annual visit" it would be coded different but again, none of the usual intrusive and unpleasant procedures were performed. My visit was about five minutes, she asked me a few questions, listened to my heart and that was that. A couple week later....I got a bill. Arrrgh!

    We contacted our old doctor in the city. Wife has gone back twice and is very happy. I have a feeling I'll be doing the same. Even if we have to pay for the office visit, it was $50 not $90+ in our town.