Monday, April 9, 2018

To Be Determined

Last week, I was occupied doing taxes for my daughter, her business, my sister, my wife and myself. I filed everything electronically over the weekend and I put TurboTax away until next winter.

I was also occupied with a new radio that I acquired ten days ago, learning all its functions and options and writing a review in the process. This is still on-going.

In the midst of tax filing and radio reviewing, I decided to forgo blogging here until I filed the taxes. As a result, this is my first post since last Wednesday.

I actually considered giving up this blog forever. 

I put my heart and soul into Femulate and it is time-consuming. I think the quality of this blog is evidence of that. In return, I receive some complimentary comments and e-mails (not to mention disparaging comments and e-mails from trolls and trans-harpies). 

I recently deleted the Adsense ads because I grew tired of Adsense trying to dictate the contents of this blog. Now I am free to post whatever I want, but I had to give up the monthly check from Adsense to gain that freedom.  

My attempt to compensate the loss of Adsense income with my Coffee Break! gadget has been a bust. I won't mention the amount I received, but I do thank the two readers who did contribute.

My life would be easier if I gave up this blog forever, but I decided not to abandon my faithful readers. I also would miss the writing, but not so much on a daily basis. (During the past 4079 days, I have written 4236 posts. Do the math and that's more than one post per day over 11 years and two months!)

So I decided to forgo blogging here on a daily basis. Rather, I will blog when I feel like it.

And so it goes.

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  1. Stana I did wonder how you kept the posts coming on such a regular basis. They are of high quality and very useful but you ought to look after your own wellbeing as well. If you have decided to blog less then it is quite understandable. I must admit that when the daily posts ceased I was concerned for you and was on the point of trying to contact you.

    Many thanks for having the privilege of being able to read Femulate which has been part of my trans education.

    Best wishes for the future


    Melissa x

  2. happy you didn't drop out blogging for us, I loving reading your opinions and adventures. but I also understand if you say the "to hell with it" too.

  3. Like many I am sure I will miss my daily dose of Femulate. Keep writing when the muse inspires you since you have always had something to say I presume that the muse will make regular visits.

  4. Always remember that you have to put yourself, your family and your well being first. We'll survive. Do the right thing for Stana, first and foremost. As always, thank you for all you do and have done for our community.

  5. Also, I'm so sorry to hear that people act like trolls. I just don't understand why they cannot keep their comments to themselves if they have nothing constructive to add to a conversation.

  6. Julie M ShawApril 10, 2018

    As has been said, your opinions and musings and insights have been uplifting and stimulating and challenging. I am happy you decided to continue and I for one will be grateful for your posts whenever they come.
    Thank you, and blessings to you.

  7. You should be able to listen to this outside the UK:

  8. Sally StoneApril 10, 2018

    I can tell this blog has been a labor of love for you, but I also understand just how time consuming writing can be. I'd like to thank you for all the hard work. Your blog posts are always so well-done, and I look forward to everything you write.



  9. Stana, thank you for the wonderful blog over the years. Ignore the naysayers! There will be those kind around no matter what the situation or topic. Just be you, take care of yourself and your family, good luck and god bless

  10. I would respectfully suggest that you commit yourself to at least one post a week. It is just too easy (for me at least...) to skip doing something without a commitment. I look forward to your posts and I would love to donate on a regular basis but the fact is that after YouTube "demonitized" a number of my favorite channels for spurious reasons, I now support them via Patreon which is a constant monthly drain on the finances - akin to either bleeding money or paying for content depending on how one looks at it... I do enjoy your posts but also wish you the best in whatever you choose to do. :-)



  11. Dear Stana,

    Thank You for all the posts on your lovely blog over the years. Whenever you do feel like posting, I will love reading your ideas.

    McDonalds reminds you that ... You deserve a break today.



  12. Totally get it! Keeping up a weekly blog, podcast, and video schedule was wearing me out. You have a great blog here, so I hope the muse stays with you, but I understand. :)

  13. Your blog is a credit and beacon to the CD TG ect.. community.
    Perhaps you could offer 'articles' offered by some of your loyal readers (like me?).
    BTW, I looked at your new radio, awesome indeed. Sure beats my old Hammarlund HQ110. I killed myself a whole summer mowing lawns (1968) to earn $100. to buy one used. Now on Ebay for $350.
    73 Velma.

  14. thought that you were ill again but found the radio blog was still going. this is the first blog I open each day (5am UK time)and enjoy so much. Amazed what you find to write about, please keep it alive even if updated less often. Thanks for your hard work.

  15. Stana,
    Either give it up completely, or immerse yourself 100%. If you half-ass it, occasional blogging will shed readership, as readers like consistency. I have found your blog very worthwhile to me. I understand that all things must end.
    It is funny how retirement will change our priorities, as we realize our endgame is in play. Maybe your endgame should be the legacy of the blog.

  16. Hi Stana, Faith's comment should remind us all of the effort ... and the feeling ... that goes into keeping a blog like this going. We'll look forward to whenever the muse calls. In the meantime, there are all of those wonderful past blogs, and of course your links to others. Thanks again!

  17. A daily blog is a great commitment, and can leave one making "substandard" posts simply in order to keep the momentum going. I know I will occasionally commit to a daily post for a particular period, but to do it as an open ended commitment, without reward, is simply asking too much.

    I have often considered stopping blogging, but I do know I would miss both the writing and the responses, what we all need to sort out is who is in charge of our relationship, i.e. Do I own the Blog or does the Blog own me?