Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I am not a drag queen

I am not a drag queen!

After a local "GLBT" pride celebration, the local newspaper had no articles about the event, but it did publish one photo from the event, which it featured on the front page of the local news section of the paper.

Guess what the photo showed?

Gay couples with their children in tow? No.

Appropriately attired transpeople taking in the event? No.

Over-the-top drag queens preparing to perform a number from Hairspray? YES!!!

You seldom see the media showing appropriately attired transpeople. That would be boring. The media prefers to show drag queens.

I have friends, relatives, and acquaintances, who know that I crossdress, but have never seen me en femme. I am sure they have seen news reports about GLBT pride events and like the "report" in the local newspaper, they almost always feature flamboyant drag queens. So, I have no doubt that those friends, relatives, and acquaintances who have never seen me en femme think that when I crossdress, I dress like a drag queen, too, because that is all they know.

Source: Annette at A Vintage Splendor dot com
Source: Annette at A Vintage Splendor dot com

Michael Andrews
Professional femulator Michael Andrews in the 1983 film Murder Me, Murder You


  1. The first time I visited my in-laws after transition I was told afterwards that it wasn't too bad and not what had been expected. The fact that I'd turned up wearing jeans and a tee-shirt. I think that there must have been some expectation that I'd turn up wearing over the top make-up, clothes and hair.

  2. Most people see us as "over the top drag queens"
    They do not notice those who pass as women and disappear in a crowd

  3. Trying to live an everyday existence is far too boring for the media. That is all many of us wish to do, live our lives. I don't see most Drag Queens as true femulators. I see them as actors who earn a living on stage wearing a costume.

    In my opinion, if there are more Drag Queens on television it may generate more acceptance of the transgender community.

  4. Bravo! You are so right!