Thursday, February 15, 2018

War on Transgenders Marches On

Sadly, Trump's War on Transgenders continues...

Education Dept. Officially Says It Will Reject Transgender Student Bathroom Complaints

The Education Department says it won't investigate or take action on any complaints filed by transgender students who are banned from restrooms that match their gender identity, charting new ground in the Trump administration's year-long broadside against LGBT rights.

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Read the Los Angeles LGBT Center's excellent response to the Education Department here.

Trump Not Done Trying To Ban Transgender People from of Military

President Donald Trump‘s attempts to ban transgender people from the military have failed at every turn, but he isn’t done yet. The Trump administration will unveil and defend a new anti-trans policy on February 21.

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GOP Defines Being Transgender As 'A Disqualifying Psychological and Physical Condition'

The Republican National Committee voted to support Trump's August order that defines being transgender as “a disqualifying psychological and physical” condition.

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Transgender Rights Targeted by Multiple Ballot Measures Across the United States

Emboldened by Trump's War on Transgenders, discrimination is on the ballot in Massachusetts and Anchorage, Alaska, with signatures currently being collected for a third anti-transgender ballot measure in Montana.

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Wearing Rebecca de Ravenel (Source: Moda Operandi)

Kamil Bijos femulating on Your Face Sounds Familiar on Polish television.


  1. In Connecticut the Governor’s response to DeVos not investigate or take action on any complaints filed by transgender students was to issue an order to the CT Department of Education to draft guidelines for CT schools.
    And in 2011/2012 a committee that I was on wrote these guidelines for the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities

  2. IMHO, Betsy DeVos is just another BILLIONAIRE OLIGARCH PIG bent on running the republic as if it were another AMWAY multi level marketing/micromanagement scheme.
    I am waiting for a LATE NIGHT COMEDIAN (Hey, Kimmel! Hey!! Colbert! Helll, ANYBODY!!)to organize a country wide 'mail-back' ( sent to her Washington DC address! of course)of all the unsold, unused AMWAY crap left lying around in the nations closets, basements, ect.. Finaly, my wife can get rid of those candles and broken knives!