Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Heavenly in Heels

I love high heels and own over 100 pairs. On occasion, I have joked that I am not transgender... I just like to wear high heels!

Whether I wear a dress, skirt, shorts, jeans or slacks, I always wear high heels. The only exceptions are sometimes when I drive and sometimes when I walk.

I use both feet when I drive because my automobile has a standard transmission. Most of the time I drive wearing heels, but I switch to flats when my heels are greater than 4 inches in height because it becomes difficult to maneuver my feet under the dashboard without tangling up my sky-high heels.

I also switch to flats if I have to walk on areas of the planet that are not high heel friendly. Malls are never an issue, but in places like Provincetown with its mishmash of cobblestones, asphalt and uneven sidewalks, flats are a must. (Heel maven that I am, I always tote my heels when I have to wear flats and switch to them when I reach my destination.)

Call me "old fashioned," but no matter what else a woman may be wearing, I believe she looks nicer wearing heels.

When I am typing away on my laptop, I always have the TV on to keep me company. I often tune to QVC if they are selling fashions for milady to check out the women selling QVC's wares. No matter how unattractive (to me) the clothing they are selling may be, if the woman is wearing high heels, it makes the clothing less unattractive. This is especially noticeable when there are two or more models wearing the same clothing, but different shoes. The model wearing heels always looks better, so I assume I look nicer in heels, too, no matter what I am wearing.

And so it goes (in heels, not flats).

Source: Nine West
Wearing Nine West (Source: Nine West)

Paolo Ballesteros and Martin del Rosario
Paolo Ballesteros and Martin del Rosario in the 2018 Filipino film Born Beautiful.


  1. Not an essay this time! I too love heels, I can't lay claim to as many as you but I have more than I could ever claim to need! I tend to agree that all women look better in heels, I know I think I do, but for most of my life they are jus not practical (I don't think they've come up with a steel toe cap pump yet).

    Curiously when I was cross dressing I would wear heels whenever I could , and I was pretty good at it, I could walk fine in anything up to four and half inch heels fine, and not suffer the next day. Now I am full time I rarely feel they fit the occasion, don't wear then as often, and am not nearly as accomplished. it must be practise!

  2. Hi Stana, wow, that is a great pic in the convertible! Love the longer hair. Just wow!

  3. Stana is that really you in the red dress? Fantastic photo you look hot!

  4. Great Photoshop...did you do that? Or fan art?

  5. Stana -

    I can see that you're another person who'll leave QVC on if they are selling clothes. It's amazing how much crap gets sold there, as they keep indulging some "designers" whims. But there is a lot of good stuff on the channel and site, and well worth examining to see where the mainstream woman may be going with her wardrobe.


  6. I do love heels too! And my storage contains more than hundred pairs too. Heels look great and makes you look greater!
    For me it took some years to find the courage, to wear heels in public - still dressed as a man. Depending on the mood, I do also go to work in heels. And if I dress up (rarely beside Carneval) - high heels are a must-wear!
    I do not think, that women should wear heels 24/7. But to make an outfit complete and nice, high heels should be added.
    Even 2 inch heels look better than any sneaker could look like.

    P.S.: the photo on top is really hot!

  7. While I often point out inconsistent statements I do not find these two sentences to be at odds as they apply to me and likely as they apply to you and many of your readers:

    "I have way too many pairs of high heels".

    "I do not have anywhere near enough pairs of high heels".

    I trust you understand the concept. I just feel that heels make any woman in any dress or slacks look better and more feminine. I know I feel that way about myself.


  8. I know a lot of women who complain about it, but I've never had a problem driving in heels, even in a stick shift. The only worry I've had is scuffing the sides of the shoes with any dirt or gravel that might have been tracked into the floorboards of my car. It feels about the same as driving in my barefoot shoes.

  9. AnonymousJuly 16, 2021

    I love cross dressing to. Wearing high heels and pantyhose. I love driving in heels and feeling the power of my engine through my heels as I mash my gas pedal and push my brake pedal. I get so turned on. I loving watching women and other cross dressers work their pedals.

  10. AnonymousJuly 09, 2022

    I love driving in heels. Pushing the pedals in high heels. Makes me so horny.

  11. I am turned on by the challenge of driving a balky old stick shift car in shoes or boots with very high heels and platform soles. I feel incredibly feminine and sexy when I stall the car because I can’t feel or control the pedals properly. I love feeing like a “damsel in distress” when I pump the gas pedal too hard and flood the engine so it won’t start.

  12. Stalling out and flooding at a stop sign and trying to get the car started before a bystander offers to help is part of the high heeled driving experience.