Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jean Shrimpton, birds and miniskirts

Surfing the net, I came across the name Jean Shrimpton. Do you remember her? I do.

In the 1960s, Jean Shrimpton was a supermodel long before they coined the term "supermodel." She was English, part of the swinging London scene, and I was infatuated with her. In fact, I was so infatuated with her that I wanted to be just like her, which was kind of difficult for an overweight 16-year-old guy.

About that time, my cousin dressed up as Twiggy for Halloween. He was a perfect Twiggy because he and she both had freckles and stick-thin pubescent figures. (I was so jealous and wish I had crossdressed for Halloween.)

Fast forward a few Halloweens and I dressed, more or less, like Jean Shrimpton. I certainly was not stick-thin and in my opinion, nether was Jean... well, not as stick-thin as Twiggy. Also, in my opinion, Jean was prettier than Twiggy and I was prettier than my cousin, so dressing like Jean Shrimpton certainly made sense to me.

Another British bird, Jacqueline Bisset, became one of my crossdressing models. I believe that my fascination with British girls had something to do with the miniskirt.

The mini was invented in Britain by fashion designer Mary Quant and it became the defining fashion symbol of "swinging London" in the 1960s. All the British "birds" wore miniskirts, more so than American girls, and I wanted to wear miniskirts just like the girls in Britain did.

When I made my first Halloween outing en femme as Jean Shrimpton, the dress I wore was just not short enough, so I used safety pins to shorten the hem, thus, my knee-length dress became a thigh-high mini.

Anyway, my attraction to the British distaff side continues to this day with Elizabeth Hurley and Kate Beckinsale at the top of my wish (I was she) list. And I still like to wear short skirts!

Source: HarpersBazaar.com
Wearing Adam Lippes coat (Source: HarpersBazaar.com)

Young men femulating young women, circa 1965
Young men femulating young women, circa 1965


  1. So, Has 'cuz' carried on his tradition of 'dressing for Holloween'?
    Velma aks ncmarko

    1. Not that I am aware of. Sadly he died 12 years ago.

  2. Some fantastically good femulators in the bottom pic, especially the boy in front. Wonder how many "practiced" before with mom's/older sister's stuff...

  3. boy on front right looking envious and wondering if next year he will be allowed to dress up like the other boy

  4. One would have to admit, the new young 'femulators' show quite the air of femininity and self confidence..... It appears that some of the 'boys' are really femulating girls.. :-)
    Any clue of where this photo originated? I wish I went to that grade school.. Daddy would NOT have approved. :-(

  5. Karen Gillan ("Doctor Who", "Guardians of the Galaxy") portrayed Jean Shrimpton for a recent BBC4 movie, "We'll Take Manhattan".

    It isn't TG material, but Gillan is the right height and nails the 60s model look.

    If you can't find a US copy, Amazon.co.uk will send you the DVD. Breaking the region encoding is trivial.