Monday, February 26, 2018

Bear With Me

Jellystone Park Dept.

Front page of the local newspaper had an article today about coyotes attacking pets in my neck of the woods. I live in the less populated, more rural end of town and all the attacks have occurred within a one-mile radius of where I live.

No surprise since I have seen and heard my share of coyotes around these parts since moving into the woods about 25 year ago. What was surprising to me is that the bears have awakened from their long winter's nap.

Saturday night, I took a leashed Rover out for last call and I was surprised to find that the garbage can trolley was moved about 12 feet down the driveway and the cans were tipped over, but their lids were still stuck on tight. My guess is that a bear was looking for a meal and was startled before he or she could get to the goodies. I assure you that they have had no trouble popping the lid off the garbage cans in the past, so something must have scared it away (maybe me when I opened the garage door).

I brought the contents of that take the dog out.)e cans inside the garage to avoid having to clean up the mess the bears leave after dinner, which is the last thing I needed to do as I still suffer from the the effects of the flu.

Vertigo Dept.

Starla e-mailed me, "They're baaa-aack! The gurls of Florida's Ernest Ward Middle School, that is! After an apparent hiatus (or at the least a lack of Internet coverage) of several years, the always excellent womanless beauty pageant at EWMS was held Friday night."

Here are three links to images from the event posted on the Internet: 1, 2 and 3.

By the way, the contestant in the accompanying photo reminds me of Kim Novak in the Hitchcock film Vertigo in the second half of the film when Novak plays Judy, not Madeleine.

Source: White House Black Market
Wearing White House Black Market (Source: White House Black Market)

Womanless beauty pageant, circa 1967
Womanless beauty pageant, circa 1967


  1. Glad you are improving. Careful, post-flu you are in no condition to fight a bear

  2. The 'gurls' at EWMS are having WAY too good of a time. I wish that I went to that school...(WHERE am I able to wear one of my many FORMALS? Iam surprised the local branch of 'The Panhandle Klan' didnt intervene ;-)

    You have bears and wolves, WE are being invaded by SKUNKS (!)(We are up to our SCUPPERS in SKUNKS). We also have coyotes, but they wont eat skunks. Velma Dinkley