Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday Mash

Stephen Sayaegh in the 2016 film The Comedian

I Resemble That Remark Dept.

Saturday night, I watched The Comedian, a film about the life of an aging insult comic played by Robert De Niro. The comic was famous for starring in a popular television situation comedy and a clip from the TV series appears in the film.

The clip shows a young boy (actor Stephen Sayaegh) dressed in a white ballet tutu and leotard. His father (De Niro) becomes upset and complains to his wife that when his 11-year-old son dresses up as a ballerina, it's no longer about trick or treating!

In My Dreams Dept.

I had back-to-back dreams that I clearly recall for a change (usually I don't).

Dream #1

I was doing the weekly grocery shopping. I unload, scan and bag the groceries at a self-service cash register. The total was $94.

The woman behind me in queue seems annoyed with me and hands me an iPhone.

“Is this yours?” she asks.

“Yes, it is — thank-you,” having no idea that I had lost my iPhone!

I rummage through my pocketbook and cannot locate my wallet. I look at the woman behind me sheepishly and tell her I have to go to my car to retrieve my wallet… assuming that it is even there.

I go to my car and find my wallet on the driver’s seat. I return to the cash register and discover my groceries are gone as is the woman who was behind me in queue.

I go to the customer service desk and they tell me, “Sorry, Ma’am.” They thought I had abandoned the order, so they returned all the items to the shelves.

I wake up.

Dream #2

I am getting ready for a formal affair of some sort.

My evening gown is a sexy revealing number that displays most of my bare back (from my shoulders to the top of my derreire).

I need someone to shave the nether regions of my back. I spend a lot of time trying to find someone to do it, but I cannot find a volunteer.

I wake up.

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus (Source: Venus)

Rob Lowe
Rob Lowe femulates a nurse in the 1984 film Hotel New Hampshire.

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