Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Up in the Air

I started writing this post early yesterday morning before our cookout began. I assumed I would be able to finish the post after the relatives left with full tummies.

Remember the Saturday Night Live skit about the guests who would not leave? It was not quite that bad — we were all having a good time and the cookout did not break up until well after dark.

Being a meticulous housewife, I do not relax until everything was clean and put back in its right place. By then, it was time to slip into a negligee and go to bed. (For the curious, here is a photo that approximates the negligee I wore last night.)

So here I am writing today's post today instead of yesterday, but such is life!

I missed Hamvention this year, but I plan to go to my group's annual conference in September. This year, our conference is in St. Louis. That's 16 hours as Stana drives and when I mentioned the roadtrip at the cookout yesterday, everyone thought I was crazy to drive that distance and that I should fly instead.

I know things have changed dramatically since I the last time I flied a dozen years go. But since I assumed I would not be flying anywhere soon, I have not paid attention to the details. So I began to get detailed and in the process, I found this article on the Fabulous After 40 blog about what to wear for air travel. I also revisited Kim's comprehensive article about flying en femme.

Looks like I will have to adjust my wardrobe for flying in September.

Source: Vogue
Wearing The Kooples bag (Source: Vogue)

His and her bridal lingerie (Source:


  1. AnonymousJuly 06, 2017

    Lovely bridal lingerie.

  2. Stana -

    If you drive, budget 20+ hours for it, or split it into a 2 day trip. I did the NYC to St.Louis trip 3 times, and it was exhausting. Flying would be the better use of your time and money.

    Consider the drive if you are interested in stopping along the way and seeing an occasional landmark. For example, I'd want to stop and see the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg museum on the way back, as well as the New York Central Railroad museum if you take the Northern route home, or Fallingwater if you take the Southern route home.

    It's a long drive, and it gets boring after the first 12 hours. 30+ years later, and I still remember the highway hypnosis I got after the sun set....


  3. AnonymousJuly 08, 2017

    letture e consigli sempre essenziali per esser perfetta femminiccia grazie baci baci baci

  4. I wish one of the models on "bridal" photo was a male. In fact Joanie Darveau is a GG