Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My Fashion Sense

I have fashion sense.

I can put outfits together and accessorize them. I can also do my makeup and style my hair (wigs). I'm no expert, but I think that for a natural born guy, I do well doing those girly things.

I read and practice a lot to improve my girly skills, but I think there is more to it than that. I think that I took after my Mom.

Mom was a fashion plate. We were not rich by any means; we were lower middle class at best, but Mom always dressed very nicely wearing outfits she sewed herself.

Mom was also beautiful and did not have to wear a lot of makeup. Lipstick, powder, and rouge were the only ingredients in her makeup bag. She also had great legs!

Overall, Mom's look was very classy.

I inherited my fashion sense from Mom. Over the years, I honed my girly skills, but to start, my basic girly skills came from Mom. When I was a little girly boy, I was fascinated watching her do her hair and makeup and sew pretty clothes to wear with beautiful hats and always, with high heels.

I am a high heel maven just like my Mom. In fact, a lot of girls my age have an affinity for high heels because our mothers came from a generation in which high heels were the standard footwear for going out. Similarly, girls my age favor dresses because that is what our mothers wore most of the time.

It is not only me; many of us get our fashion sense from our Moms. Luckily, my Mom had a great fashion sense and a little of that rubbed off on me.

Source: Tibi
Wearing Tibi (Source: Tibi)

Funeral Parade of Roses
Femulator in the 1969 Japanese film Funeral Parade of Roses.


  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2017

    grazie sei un angelo baci baci baci !!

  2. Catherine Smith.July 19, 2017

    High heels: Many women continue wearing high heels because from a physiological point of view it is VERY difficult going directly to flats. Perhaps someone can explain the medical reasons for this. I understand it is all to do with the calf area and how this has adapted with constant (permanent) wearing of high heels to the changes brought about by the different posture within the lower leg - muscles, tendons and perhaps more? The changes I think go further than that with a definite mental adaptation and 'love', 'desire', 'affinity' - call it what you will - even 'addiction' to high heels. Women often refer to it as ‘confidence’ and another analogy might be to feeling like ‘a fish out of water’ when not in their heels. Observe a woman who loves HIGH heels and walks around in bare feet. She moves with a different posture and gait. You can see this when on the beach or round the pool when such heel addicts are flat footed. So for a long-time wearer of HIGH heels and we are talking of 4-inch heels on a UK size 5 or 6 shoe [USA 38, Euro 7.5] it becomes physically painful as well as mentally undesirable to go to flat shoes. Don't forget WE DRESS TO PLEASE OUR MINDS AND NOT OUR BODIES but for many women when arthritis and other medical conditions appear in middle age they have no choice but to adapt their mental state and give up the ‘addiction’. Those who carry on with heels are perhaps the ones free of medical conditions that prevent others form continuing. The mental and physiological changes required to transition to flats are equally required when going from flats to heels. This failure to transition effectively is often the reason that many transwomen fail to 'pass' and advertise their trans status to everyone by being perceived as 'walking like a man' and the often touted advice is to practice in private to master the knack feeling before going public. Equally you should be aware that if you ever have reason to dress up for a party or other event, your ability to trot around like the girls will be instantly observed by them with comments like ‘doesn’t he walk well in heels’, ‘you walk just like a woman’, which will then lead on to wondering why! If you combine this ‘knack’ for heels with other mannerisms like sitting with knees together or legs at an angle, bending like a woman and moving your hands like a woman then you will convince nobody that you have not done it all before.
    Regards, Catherine.

  3. AnonymousJuly 19, 2017

    Given all you've said, it must have been difficult not to use it all your working years. Thanks for your blog. Bill

  4. Stana
    You pointed out a fact of life that many of us may not be aware of that a lot of our fashion sense comes from our Mothers and older sisters.