Friday, July 14, 2017

Women's Dresses

Some of you girls sent me this eBay link where a photo of Chris Lemmon is available for sale.

The actor (Jack Lemmon's son) is dressed as a Vegas showgirl for two episodes of a 1989 television comedy Open House. I had been looking for a photo of this femulation for years and I thank you readers who sent me the link.

The photo does not do Lemmon's femulation justice – he looks like a man in showgirl drag.

I saw those episodes when they were originally televised and in my opinion, he looked a lot better than the photo's depiction. In fact, he looked so hot that his TV wife got very excited about his appearance, started making out with him/her and suggested that he dress as a woman more often!


I dunno about you, but whenever I see an ad like the one Macy's emailed me today that reads "Women's Dresses," I always wonder why are they being so specific? Do they also sell men's dresses?

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor (Source: Ann Taylor)

André Claude
André Claude, professional femulator, circa 1960


  1. 'Some Like it Hot' is my perfect movie. (Especially since, unlike modern movies, it keeps a linear narrative)

    And after 2 perfect hours, in the last brilliant minute, there's the (approximate) dialog:
    Daphne (pulling his wig off) :'You don't understand - I'm a boy'
    Osgood Fielding: 'Oh that's OK, nobody's perfect!"

  2. SOMEWHERE I have an ad I saved from Macys or Penneys or something which listed "men's dresses" on one page. If I find it, I'll pass it on.

    I guess the moral is, being too specific can bite you in the butt.

  3. AnonymousJuly 15, 2017

    baci baci baci !! grazie

  4. I suspect Macy's specifies women's dresses to differentiate from misses dresses and juniors dresses.

    1. That makes good sense...though they "could" also be saying it as a veiled way to keep men out!