Monday, July 3, 2017

Short Shorts

Don't forget:

Independence Day falls on the 4th this year!

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Eddie Izzard: It took me 30 years to deal with coming out as transgender!

I can sympathize with Eddie and you can read the whole story here.

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Fly Me!

Patty O knows I have an affinity for flight attendant drag, so she sent me this photo of Dustin Izzat at Seattle Pride.

A "stewardess" by any other name!
A "stewardess" by any other name!
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Troupe L’oeil: Ooh La La!

My newest gurlfriend, Rhondsocks, wrote, "I wanted to give a strong endorsement for a new fashion designer: Bunker Bradley. His website is Bunker Bradley Couture. A former car designer from Detroit now located in Las Vegas, his designs are really cool. The dresses he designs are  transgender friendly as the prints on the dresses actually make you look thinner by utilizing the troupe l’oeil technique of drawing your attention to parts other than where a bit of fat may show. His partner, Roselynn Poon, is the business person and is so very transgender friendly, going out of her way to make sure I was able to wear their beautiful dress at a transgender gathering in May called 'Wildside.'"

Rhondsocks wearing Bradley Bunker

Source: Nine West
Wearing Nine West (Source: Nine West)

Source: Rain Dove
It's a bull market for femulators. (Source: Rain Dove)


  1. AnonymousJuly 04, 2017

    meravigliose splendide eleganti ed affascinanti signore !! bacio

  2. Hi Stanna
    if you like cabin crew, here we are a one of the sparkle events a few years ago....
    Please feel free to use it (I”m on the Left, with Steffi next to me, my parter Jules in the centre with Jemma and Nikki at the far right.
    We stopped traffic that day !!

  3. Yes I love cabin crew outfits - you may remember Sestre from the Eurovision Song Contest a few years ago

    Michelle x

  4. You know that your "femulator" is a cis woman, right? She is in fact a Masculator!