Monday, April 17, 2017


Last year's Hamvention-wear
Last year's Hamvention-wear
I will be attending Hamvention in a few weeks – presenting as a woman for the eighth consecutive Hamvention.

The big difference this year is a change of venue. Instead of one huge convention hall, this year's event will take place at an Ohio county fairgrounds in a half dozen separate buildings and an unenumerated number of tents.

In the past, I would dress like a professional woman to staff a booth, visit other booths and to attend workshops/presentations all in one big convention hall. So I usually wore a dress and high heel pumps (and carried along a pair of flats just in case).

This year, in order to visit other booths and attend workshops and presentations, I will have to go outdoors to get from one building to another and heels are not the best footwear for negotiating fairgrounds terrain. Also, I might feel a little out of place wearing a dress and heels to staff a booth in a building where livestock may have hung out the previous weekend.

So I am planning my wardrobe accordingly. I will still wear a dress and heels to our annual Friday night dinner, but my daywear will be more casual than in the past.

Source: Intermiz
Hamvention wear? Thali romper and Elizabeth and James bag. 

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  1. What ever you choose to wear Stana, lets hope we get some video footage to see like last time.
    Have fun!
    Love Abi

  2. Stana
    Went to dinner with the Girls on Sat. Night Nice New Blouse - Jeans - But in Heels

  3. When I heard they were moving to the Greene County Fairgrounds, you were one of the first people I thought of!

    Yes, it's not going to be conducive to anything too nice! I attended one of the Springfield Antiques Fairs last summer at the Clark County (Ohio) Fairgrounds, which isn't far from Xenia, and I was definitely glad to be wearing flats --- though I think I wore a denim skirt, and I definitely wasn't the only woman wearing a skirt, though jeans and khaki pants were more common.