Thursday, April 13, 2017


After penning yesterday's post about my first crossdressing experience, I browsed some womenswear websites and had a flashback when I saw this retro flower dress from Alice + Olivia. Fifty years ago, my sister owned a dress that was very similar and it was one of my favorites... on me, not my sister.

I wore that dress often.

I always wanted to pair it with white go-go boots, but the other ladies in my house did not own go-go boots and I was too closeted in 1967 to go out and buy a pair for myself.

My sister did own a cute bag like the one the model is wearing and I often posed in front of the mirror wearing that dress and bag and a pair of white patent block mid-height block heel shoes instead of go-go boots.

About 40 years later, I did buy a pair of white go-go boots to wear with my "Swinging 60's Chick" Halloween costume, but I have not had an occasion to wear those boots since then.

C'est la vie!

Source: Madeleine
Wearing Madeleine.

Snow WhiteSnow White
Femulating Snow White for Halloween.


  1. Now you have the perfect oppertunity to wear those go-go boots! buy the dress!

    1. Good idea, but it only goes up to a size 10 and I only go down to a size 12!

    2. I have been looking, but so far, no finding.

  2. Sureley somewhere in fashion land there must be an outfit similar to that in your size so you can wear those boots!

  3. Stana,

    This post and "Why?" struck home with many of us. How well I remember my Mom's longline Playtex bra and girdles .... so ... did your sister know you wore that dress?

    1. No - When I came out to my sister, she claimed she was clueless about my crossdressing.