Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Girls Like Us?

Harvey Korman
Harvey Korman (center) femulating on The Carol Burnett Show.

Over the weekend, Sheila and I exchanged emails about films featuring femulators, specifically No Questions Asked and Rubbeldiekatz. Both films contain some pretty amazing femulations.

During our email exchange, Sheila commented, "It's fascinating to me that non-transgender or non-crossdresser men do not take any special ongoing interest in femulating after they do it in a film, play, TV show, or womanless pageant ... especially the 'pretty boys' who make beautiful women."

I responded, "I imagine that for most actors, dressing as a woman for a role is just another job. On the other hand, I bet there are a few actors who may not be civilians and love the opportunity to dress at work. Off the top of my head, Harvey Korman and John Ritter come to mind."

Harvey Korman and John Ritter crossdressed numerous times during their acting careers. Korman did so on television (often on The Carol Burnett Show, The Star Wars Holiday Show) and on film (Americathon). Ritter also did so on television (Three's Company, The Love Boat, Hooperman) and on film (Stay Tuned).

Those are just two examples. Stan Laurel also comes to mind...

...civilians or girls like us?

Source: ShopBop
Wearing Alice + Olivia.

Matthias Schweighöfer
Matthias Schweighöfer (right) femulating in the 2011 German film Rubbeldiekatz.


  1. Dear Stana,

    I enjoyed our email exchange on actors femulating in film. I especially recommend "Rubbeldiekatz" to your readers. I bought the Blu-Ray disk as soon as it was available. It is in German, but you have the option of watching with English or French subtitles.

    Matthias Schweighöfer is charming and beautiful in his role as a character in a "Tootsie"-like situation ... an actor who needs to femulate to get more work. As a man, Matthias is a very good-looking blonde "pretty boy", and he makes a beautiful woman when femulating. The film is light-hearted and funny in parts. Aside from the charming performances, the cinematography is excellent ... pristinely focused, brilliantly colorful, and well-lit. Matthias gets to wear many different female outfits throughout the film.

    Trivia: I was unable to find a definitive English translation for "Rubbeldiekatz". However, I believe it breaks down to 3 words: "Rubbel die katz". "Rubbel" does not appear to be a valid German word. However, "die katz" translates as "the cat". Matthias' character lives with 3 brothers, and they have a beautiful cat that the oldest brother is very fond of. My guess is that "Rubbel" is the cat's name. This is a case where the film's title has absolutely nothing to do with its content ... maybe something like the American classic plays and films "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" or "Streetcar Named Desire".

    I don't know of any streaming or rental availability for this film in the USA. However, the Blu-Ray and DVD versions can be found for sale on various sites.



  2. The former Bruce Jenner was also a regular TV femulator.

  3. Dustin Hoffman, seemed to relish his role in Tootsie, I understand he asked to keep his wardrobe. Jimmy Fallon often plays female roles in skits and his Housewives of late night tell me he is not a civilian.


  4. I look more how they carry themselves than just how they look - bone structure and a good makeup artist and they are the canvas for a good looking woman without the mind within. Now actors play make believe for a living, so they can fool you... but some do not wear the woman's clothes like a costume, they wear them like THEIR clothes... Harvey here.. look at the body language... relaxed and comfortable, not at all stiff. He's just one of the girls with Carol and Vikki.

    Dave Foley in Kids in the Hall and Newsradio.. that Halloween Newsradio.... very believable

    Fallon's not even the best of his crew.. one of his writers. the strawberry blonde... A.D. Miles... you can look at him in drag, KNOW it is a man, but cannot SEE the man.... I'd never read him.