Saturday, April 15, 2017

Pink Elephant in the Room

All of my in-laws are aware that I crossdress. I won't explain how they know, but I assure you that they know. (Also, most of them don't know that I know that they know.)

When I visit my in-laws, I feel like I am the elephant in the room because no one will say anything to me about my crossdressing, although I know that they speak about it behind my back.

I think I should dress en femme this upcoming Easter Sunday. I'm thinking of a real girly pastel dress with matching purse and heels, etc., etc. Then go visit my in-laws.

I wonder if they would mention my crossdressing then?

Anyway, Happy Holidays en femme or not!

Source: Intermix
Wearing LOVER.

Before and After
Five changes of underwear.


  1. I hope you do but I bet you don't!

  2. Stana, I say do it. If you think about the "meaning" of Easter, it is about re-birth. What a great way to spend Easter Sunday!

  3. Hi Stana

    Firstly what a great m2f transformation of the 5 in those pictures.

    Secondly, I am a cautious person, but you might think very carefully about what you are proposing to do on Easter Sunday. You obviously know the situation and I don't; and therefore it's you decision.

    How will your wife feel? Would it be better to warn them in advance to let them come to terms with the situation. Choosing a time to "come out" is always difficult and I generally hear people who have done this saying it was the right thing to do and being underwhelmed by the lack of reaction, but I think it might be a big shock for your in-laws and I don't think it needs to be. It should be a normal thing that you are choosing the presentation that you feel is right for your true gender, but also by giving people advance notice and giving them time to adjust lessens the risk of them taking a panicked "I'm threatened by something I don't understand and I'm going to see it negatively" stance.

    I think shock is a tactic used by drag artists, whereas most of us who cross dress want to be accepted as a woman melting into the normality of everything. If you give them advance warning it gives them more of a chance to treat you in such a way.

    Look, as I say, I don't know your circumstances, apart form what you have said, but I am giving my honest opinion on how you can still present to these people as you want, but doing it in a way they can perhaps more easily accept.

    Whatever you choose to do, I wish you all the best, I'm sure you'll handle it well. A Happy Easter to all your family :)


    Michelle x

  4. Wait for a strictly secular holiday like Thanksgiving or New Years.