Monday, March 13, 2017

UConn Show in the Snow

These boots aren't made for slogging!
After a mild January and February, winter has decided to go out with a bang a few days before the first day of spring. Weather people are predicting 16 to 26 inches of snow to fall here by Wednesday!

I hope they are wrong because Friday, I will be at UConn and I don't look forward to dealing with snowy and icy sidewalks. I do own a half dozen pairs of women's boots, but they are more fashionable than practical, so I may have to resort to wearing boy boots to slog around campus.

The reason I will be at UConn is to attend the True Colors Conference where I will be presenting a workshop titled "Makeup Basics for Trans Females." The Conference guide describes my workshop thusly, "Putting on your face can be a cosmetic calamity if you don't have a roadmap. This workshop provides guidance and tips for the transgender female on how to successfully navigate the world of cosmetics so that she can start looking like the female she really is."

Last year, I had over 40 people in attendance for that workshop, so I am looking forward to the Conference, but not the weather.

Source: ShopBazaar
Wearing Otte bag and Sacai earrings.

Vitalij S
Vitalij S, male womenswear model

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  1. I surely am not the first to mention this - but the best accessory never to forget to 'wear' is a smile. Women seem to carry a smile more than men do. This is quite understandable when many seem to be dressed in such a beautifully feminine and sensuous way that makes me SO envious. Personally I don't find it easy, as the geometry of my lower face doesn't lend itself to the process. My upper teeth still remain hidden behind my lip whereas in most females they tend to emerge and show themselves fully. Has anyone else ever noticed this? Any dentists out there think they can make a simple, comfortable and inexpensive insert, 'attachment' or brace type of thing that will make my smile in a more female way? You, Stana, don’t seem to have this problem - unless you used to be like me and therefore can offer some advice/exercises on how to smile more like a woman?
    Regards, Catherine.