Friday, March 10, 2017

Old... Not

Some things never get old.

After doing my hair and makeup, that first reflection of a woman I see in the mirror.

Being referred to as “she” and “her” while I am out among the civilians.

Wearing high heels.

Hearing the click of my high heels.

When a gentleman holds a door open for me.

Touching up your hair and makeup in the ladies’ room.

When a civilian female engages you in conversation.

Smoothing the back of my skirt as I sit down.

Carrying a purse.

Taking my compact out of my purse to touch up my makeup.

Being called "Ma'am."

Even better... being called "Miss."

When a complete stranger stops to say, "I like what you're wearing!"


Dangly earrings.

Wearing lipstick.

Admiring glances.

Realizing that while I am presenting as a woman, it comes so naturally that I don’t have to think about it.

Source: Lulus
Wearing Lulus.

Forces in Petticoats
British soldiers femulating on stage in Forces in Petticoats, circa 1952.


  1. That is such a GREAT feeling !

  2. Not old, but different, now this is my everyday life, glee comes from not having to wear makeup, being included as one of "the girls" having my history forgotten by old friends and simply being able to relax into my self.

  3. on the right in the Forces in petticoats is Danny La Rue famous UK FI

  4. You expressed what I - and I'm sure MANY girls like us - have always felt. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Stana, you've nailed it for me. Yes, all of the above!
    Especially the interactions with "civilian" -- I would say other -- women. And I will applaud the title -- not only do these feelings not get old, I -- at 70+ -- feel younger every day. (At least when I'm wearing my comfy clothes...)

  6. Not to mention the freedom of women's clothes, delight of feeling a skirt swirling around your legs, the fine fabrics, perfumes, the added joy of feeling elegant. So many plusses.

  7. I was in town this morning and you know how it is sometimes when you see a woman looking exactly like the woman you were meant to be? There was a well-presented lady in her fifties, about 5'5", wearing a severely tailored black skirt (just below the knee) with black patent heels. So elegant.. I felt like walking over to her and asking if I could be her for a day (or longer!). Life seems so unfair at times.

  8. Miss Stana, Our group of Ladies agrees with you and we have come up with our own list as well.

    1. Being accepted as a female when you are by yourself or with a group of ladies by everyone who sees you and everyone you meet.
    2. Being able to express your true femininity in all aspects of your life.
    3. Giving and receiving compliments in a sincere manner.
    4. Behaving like a "Lady" at all times.
    5. Having your own unique style that works for you as well as inspiring others.
    6. Clothing
    7. Shoes/Boots
    8. Lingerie
    9. Makeup
    10. A B.F.F.

  9. One more thing which never gets old - drinking from a wine glass or cup and leaving your lipstick imprint.