Friday, March 31, 2017

Stana in High School

Womanless beauty pageants at Denham Springs High School in Louisiana are a tradition that goes back to at least the mid-1970's, according to the Femulate Womanless Archives. Their femulations are usually outstanding. Louisiana gets my vote for the state with the best scholastic femulations.

The "girls" at Denham Springs High are at it again. They just concluded this year's installment of the pageant, as recorded by The Advocate of Baton Rouge, which features 15 photos from the event. Click here to see them for yourself.

By the way, I love womanless pageants because I never had the opportunity to participate in one and  I compete vicariously in the pageants I encounter on the Internet.

In my high school, there was some womanless activity during my four-year stint. One year, the basketball team performed crossdressed for the fall musicale – they were poor femulations, but femulations nonetheless. Another year, two fellows did Sonny and Cher for the spring musicale. The guy femulating Cher wore a wedding gown and looked beautiful doing it.

Of course, I was jealous and in my heart, I knew I could have femulated as well, if not better than they did, but it never came to pass. I guess I've made up for it since then and if my high school class ever has another reunion, you can be sure that Stana will be in attendance instead of Stan.

Source: Carla Ruiz
Wearing Carla Ruiz.

Contestant number 13
Contestant number 13 at the 2017 Denham Springs High School womanless pageant gets my vote as most likely not a civilian. Get a load of her eyebrows! I don't recall ever seeing eyebrows like that on another high school womanless contestant. You go, girl!


  1. Almost invariably, the winner is never the best one. It's almost as if they are afraid to acknowledge how good the presentation is maybe looking to take the focus off the likelihood that it wasn't her first time?

    1. I have noticed that discrepancy, too, and my guess is that they pick a popular jock (the football team or basketball team captain) instead of the more deserving student. That was my experience in high school.

  2. at least Nathaniel Fontenot as the crowd's choice was a worthy femulator

  3. I bet #13 was wearing heels instead of tennis shoes like some of the other contestants too ☺ Hugs Allison!

    1. In another photo on The Advocate website, her feet are elevated as if she is wearing high heels. But it also reveals that she didn't shave her legs!