Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Take It Off!

Obviously, you want to be as beardless as possible when you femulate.

I have tried various methods to achieve the best beardless state including using hot shaving cream, a shaving lubricant in place of a shaving cream, cold shaving (icing the face, then using ice cold water to rinse the blade as you shave), dry shaving (no shaving cream or lubricant), etc. Some people swear by these methods, but I did not find that the results were any better than the old tried and true method, that is, using a shaving cream or gel, razor, and hot water.

The products I use for shaving are more important than how I use them. I use a shaving gel (like Edge or its copycats) instead of a shaving cream because I found that I get a better shave with a gel.

Also, I use Gillette's Fusion razor (the manual version, not the powered version). Fusion is the best razor I have ever used, by far. The powered version might be better, but I have never used it, so I dunno, In either case, if you are prepping for an outing en femme, I recommend using a new blade or at a minimum, a blade you have used only once or twice, to get the best shave.

I shave in the shower. The steamy environment of the shower softens your whiskers, so they are easier to remove. Also, when you are done, it is easier to shower away all the shaved whiskers. By the way, I shave in the shower without a mirror and never nick myself; it takes practice, but not much.

By the way, the image above was from the cover of the March 1965 issue of Esquire magazine. For years, I thought Marilyn Monroe was the model shaving her face in that photo, but I was wrong. Although Miss Monroe was asked to be the cover girl, she turned down the offer. Instead, Italian actress Virni Lisi happily to pose for the cover.

Source: Vogue
Paris street style, March 2017

"Shave in Sydney"
"Shave in Sydney" is how I named this photo when I saved it on my computer after finding it somewhere on the Internet five years ago. I have no clue about its significance, but I am pretty sure that there is some femulating and masculating going on!


  1. I also shave with a multi blade razor and shaving cream. However since I have natural hair that extends below my shoulder blades I don't shave in the shower since the risk of cutting my hair with the razor is too great.

  2. I exfoliate with an apricot scrub before shaving. Getting rid of the dead skin cells first makes a lot of difference. It may not be the prescribed exfoliation regimen, as I do it every day, but I need my close shave to last for at least 16 hours most days.

  3. Dear Stana,

    I also use a non-powered Gillette Fusion razor. It's the best I have tried. I bought a HARRYS razor on one of their new customer $10 deals, but the razor did not cut quite as close as the Fusion. However, in fairness, the HARRYS package was exactly as advertised. Their packaging, the razor itself, multi-blades, the free shaving gel, and printed materials are all very attractive and high quality. I just found that the admittedly attractive razor was a little bit too light in weight. Perhaps that's why it doesn't easily shave as close as the heavier Fusion. But as good as HARRYS is, I prefer the Gillette Fusion.


    Sheila (and her twin brother, who "both" use the Fusion).

  4. Sharon RoseMarch 07, 2017

    I agree with using the apricot scrub to exfoliate. It also helps to use a new razor blade and to let the edge gel soak in for a while before shaving.

  5. I've been using Skintimate gel, which I love, and a Mach 3 Turbo, which I've thought about replacing. I get an adequate shave normally but it's very good if I wait two or three days.

  6. I am "old school" and use a classic double-edged razor and shaving brush and cup. It does take practice, but the blades are 12-15 cents each...Very disposable.

    I also use a homemade shaving oil (Google is great!) and it really makes a difference.


  7. I imagine Marilyn Monroe turned down the 1965 Esquire cover because she had been dead for three years.

    1. Good catch! Esquire magazine claims otherwise: http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a4412/george-lois-0508/

      Funny - when I read the Esquire magazine story about the cover, I thought that the date was close to her death, but I figured if Esquire said it was so, it must be true! LOL