Thursday, April 28, 2016

Plan C

The dress I bought to wear to the Hamvention awards dinner was not compatible with any of the bras I own. The problem was that the straps of the dress did not cover the straps of my bra and the visible bra straps ruined the look of the dress.

Plan A was to wear the dress without a bra.

Plan B was to take the dress to my local lingerie shop and buy a bra that would work with the dress.

Then I came up with Plan C.

As you may or may not know, I am an Avon lady and while perusing the recent Avon catalog, I found something that might solve my problem: Body Illusions Seamless Smoothing Cami, which claims to smooth the midsection and back bulge and slim the entire waistline. It also had a roll-resistant hem and adjustable straps.

Its thin adjustable straps and $12.99 price tag sold me, so I ordered it on Sunday and it arrived yesterday.

Right after dinner, I tried it on. It looked too small out of the box, but stretched easily to fit and mold my full figure. That was all good and well, but would it work with the dress?

I slipped on the dress, zipped it up and examined the results in the mirror. After a slight adjustment to the cami straps, it was perfect!

I was so happy with the cami that I plan to buy another, as well as purchase a Body Illusions Bodysuit.

Source Intermix
Wearing Cushnie Et Ochs dress, Sophia Webster sandal and Edie Parker clutch.

Andrew Sotomayor
Celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor


  1. You're so good a saleswoman for them, the body illusions sold out....

  2. wear a suit man, and solved problem.

    1. If the awards dinner were a daytime event, I probably would wear a suit (I have a pink Chanel skirtsuit that would be perfect). But since the dinner is in the evening, I think a dress works better.

    2. Well played Stana. You deserve a standing ovation for your exquisite answer.
      As a male, I believe that is a great advantage to choose only from a reduced spectrum of suits. Being a male become is a very easy thing in front of the "Why should I wear" question. But we know well that this isn´t the case, It´s more than a superficial choice of wear, the motivations to appear in public as you really are is more profound: I see all of this like a social reaffirmation of your true persona, a definitive presentation to the world.
      I find very interesting the fact that Stana looks more younger and happier than Mr. Horzepa.I I guess that Stan Horzepa perhaps is only a mask, a hollow body in which Stana hides inside. I´m right? Sorry If I have been so curious.

      I think that gender are not a rigid essence, we build our own genders along our lives, and your gender construction are very complex. An example of the wide diversity of masculinity. A male condition so close to the feminine way of life that is very difficult to determine the real boundaries and frontiers, and I find this very respectable.

      I´m very impressed for your choose of life, for the challenges that your family faced, your wife´s illness and your daughter´s support. I think in the many consequences of your decisions. I don´t have any doubt that Stana would be very happy. But I think in her wife too. I wonder how many parts of Stana`s feminine side was constructed based on the personality of her wife? Is it perhaps possible that while Stana gains more life and youth each day, her wife sinks more in sickness and old age?After all, she married Stan, the mask, that hollow body. not the "other woman" in her equation. Perhaps Stana, as a newborn person is a little selfish. But as I said, it´s very complex. And it´s not my life, so I prefer to don´t cross that line again.
      When you will receive your award, I´m very sure that media will put their eyes on you. It would be a great moment for the gender diversities. Later, you will have your own fifteen minutes of fame. But what´s happen next? As you usually say: And so it goes...

      Sorry for my silly questions. I´m only think off you as a peculiar protagonist of our contemporary society, with your lights and shadows. Good luck in the next days and Congratulations!

  3. Hello Stana
    Back in the day, when ladies didn't care for their staps to show, they made use of 'strap aligners' for want of a better word. These were short bits of material with press-studs sewn onto the underside of the dress' strap and once the lady was fully dressed she would thread the aligners in under other straps and clip them back on the dress strap. Where ever the dress strap went, there the other straps were forced to follow.

    One could of course do something similar with velcro or with clothing tape?