Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Dress: Plan B

When I asked for your advice about what to wear to my big award's dinner next month, about one third of the suggestions advised me to dress my age and dress conservatively. And about two-thirds of suggestions were similar to Mandy's advice, "It's your night to go for it, girl! Rock that dress!"

I took the advice of the majority to to "go for it" and I ordered the gorgeous cocktail dress from Bebe that I had included in that post.

I had never owned a Bebe dress, so I did not know what to expect. Petra mentioned that Bebe dresses run small and that I should order my size and one size larger just in case.

The problem is that my size was the largest size they offered, so it was that or nothing. I figured that that size would not be big enough, but I would never know if I didn't try, so I went for it.

UPS delivered the dress yesterday and it was as gorgeous in person as it was in its photos. It was also a high quality dress and when I held it up to myself, I thought it would be a close call when I tried it on.

I got out of my boy costume and put on my waist cincher, a Spanx panty and a Spanx cami to smooth things out. I did not wear a bra because the style of the dress screamed "bra-less" to me.

I unzipped the dress, stepped into it and managed to zip it up about one-third of the way. There was no way that the zipper was going any further without damaging the dress, so I sighed, unzipped the dress and removed it.

Before I unzipped, I did look in the mirror and sighed again because I would have really rocked that dress!

I had no Plan B, so I began looking around and I am now considering the Dress Barn confection that accompanies this post.

Source: Spiegel
Wearing Spiegel.

Ken Chan
Ken Chan femulating on television's Destiny Rose (Philippines, 2015-2016).


  1. Sorry to hear it didn't fit. That's always a sinking feeling. But the one you show from Dress Barn is a worthy substitute. And if it will fit properly, you'll steal the show!

    Looking forward to hearing all about it...


  2. As in anything else in life: no plan survives intact against the real world ;) ~
    The Dress Barn looks like an excellent dress and you should look great!