Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It Fits

The dress I ordered online from Dress Barn arrived and fit perfectly. It is gorgeous and will be the dress I wear when I accept my award at Hamvention next month. I just have to decide how to accessorize.

Source: HauteLook
Wearing BCBGeneration.

2016 Miss Koovagam Beauty Contest
The 2016 Miss Koovagam Transgender Beauty Contest in Villupuram, India.


  1. That dress is so pretty. I am so proud of you and will be there is spirit. All of those years of speaking to students as Stana prepared you for this. Eventhough, your actual acceptance will be short in time, it will be long lasting in the attendee's mind and will go along way in our movement. No pressure, LOL.

  2. You have me smiling! When you first discovered the woman (young girl back then) that lived inside of you did you EVER imagine that you'd be make plans on what to wear in front of a very large pubic gathering? I'll bet not. And the other thing that makes me smile is how much time we all spend when we dress as our true selves, yet as we pretend to be male we throw on the first pair of clean trousers, a shirt, maybe a tie, and head out the door with little thought beyond just getting to the event on time.

    I am anxiously awaiting a picture of you ready to go to the event!

    1. Yeah, who would have thought! We've come a long way, baby!