Friday, April 1, 2016

The Voice

As I mentioned here last week, I am the recipient of a ham radio award, the 2016 Special Achievement Award. I will receive the award when I make my annual trip to Dayton, Ohio, in May to attend Hamvention.

I viewed last year's awards dinner on YouTube and saw how the attendees were dressed ― men in jackets and ties, women in dresses or tops and skirts.  I also noticed that each award recipient spoke briefly  (5 minutes, more or less) after they received their award.

I will have no problem speaking for 5 minutes; I could probably speak for 55 minutes, but it is how I will speak that is a little worrisome. I plan to accept the award as a woman, so in addition to looking like a woman, I should speak like a woman, too, don't you think?

Many years ago, I bought Melanie Anne Phillips VHS video course "Melanie Speaks," which is intended to teach you how to speak like a woman. I watched the video and was impressed with the Melanie's method, but finding free time to practice with the video at home was a problem. So I copied the audio portion of the course to a cassette tape and practiced during my 35-minute commute to and from work.

In about three weeks, I got the hang of it and the voice that came out of my mouth was scary... in a good way! I sounded like a natural born woman!

Although I could sound like a woman, I seldom used that voice because I was embarrassed to do so with friends and acquaintances who were familiar with my usual soft male voice. And when I was out among civilians, my soft male voice usually did not give me away. So why bother?

But I think I will bother for the award ceremony as well as my whole weekend in Dayton. I want to make a good impression. Dressing as a woman, but speaking like a man would impress, but not in a good way.

So as a refresher, I listened to Melanie's course again and have been practicing and practicing and practicing some more. I am using a digital voice recorder to hear what I sound like and I think I am sounding pretty, pretty good. When I reach the point of no return, I will post an audio clip for all of you to hear and critique.

Source: Popsugar
Wearing Forever 21.

Freddie Fenwick, Arthur Holland, Leonard Young and Ross Hamilton
Freddie Fenwick, Arthur Holland, Leonard Young and Ross Hamilton entertain Canadian
troops during World War I appearing as "The Dumbells" in The Duchess Entertains.


  1. When my mother first started going downhill mentally, I would make a six hour drive almost every weekend to check on her. I would use music tapes from women singers, sing along and try to pitch my voice the same as the singers. It seemed to work quite well and now in church I sing in a higher voice than my wife. I remembered reading what Melanie said about her technique and tried to use that also.

    1. I have used that technique, too, Beverly. I find it works great with Shania Twain's "Man - I Feel Like A Woman."

  2. Wow, that is great you mastered the voice so well and easily!
    (love that Forever 21 dress, too)
    Good luck! hugs, sara

    1. Now We should wish we all had copies of Shania's black closet she wore singing that song on stage,she just killed the TLD!

      Sara Blevins