Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rhonda’s Favorite Photos (of Rhonda!)

We all love our photos. In a way, I guess we invented the selfie. I remember getting all dressed up very early on and taking photos in the basement when the rest of the family was gone. Yes, mastering the camera self-timer was the first challenge. What worked ― what did not work ― learned in front of that 35mm camera. 

My secret justification for having a darkroom was so I could process and print my own "selfie" portraits. I lived in a very small town and taking the film to the camera shop for developing and printing was not an option. I am really dating myself here ― 35mm film, self-timer, darkroom, developing, and the chemicals. I am sure others remember, too. 

Choosing my favorite photo is difficult. Just this past year I finished scanning all of the old prints to have them sorted, stored and backed-up electronically. Someday I will create Rhonda’s Life ― a coffee table book. Maybe not. 

I have wonderful memories and wonderful photos (of Rhonda) going back to the early 80's, but I tend to like current photos the best. We all seem to be a work-in-progress as our feminine image has advanced and evolved. Less makeup, natural hair, and not the deer-in-the-headlight look. "If we only knew then what we know now." But that is a different post.

So, this past Saturday after getting my hair done and having a wonderful lunch out, I decided my photo album needed an update. It is hard to think "selfie" when you are using a huge Nikon digital camera, on a tripod, with an infrared trigger, two flashes, all electronically connected, with WiFi preview. Darkroom, nowhere to be found. But selfie it is. 

Two hours and 200 photos later (how many rolls of film would that have been?), I did have several new photos for the coffee table book. These are the ones here. Enjoy! 

These were the first complete set I have done since the "Age Reassignment Surgery" I wrote about here last November.  I am still very pleased with the results and sorry I waited so long.  

On another note, Stana has been so wonderful allowing others and I to occasionally post on this site. Her unselfish sharing is a testament to the person she is. We have all learned about the incredible depth of intelligence and beauty in our transgender community. Thank you so much Stana. 

On that note, I would like to announce my own blog, Rhonda's Escape. In my wildest dreams I can only hope to have a small portion of the interest that Femulate garners. I hope to see you there, please visit and feel free to comment. 

Thank you, Stana, for the wonderful site you provide and work it take to keep it going.

Rhonda Williams

Got selfies? My open invitation to post your favorite photo along with the story behind it and the reason it is your favorite photo still stands, so don't be shy, send me your fave foto. ― Stana

Source: Brahmin
Wearing Brahmin.

Brother and sister or just sisters.
Brother and sister or just sisters.

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  1. Dear Rhonda,

    Your photos are LOVELY. Your blog is also very nice.