Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Distracted, Inspired and Jealous

It's lucky for the sake of my job that I work in an engineering environment.

There are 70 employees in the division where I work and 15 are female. Most of the females are either hardware or software engineers or technicians. Most of the time, they dress like the male engineers and technicians ― business casual or more typically, less than business casual slacks and tops.

On the other hand, I am attached to the marketing department reporting to a female manager, who reports to a female director. They typically dress business formal. Their offices are at the opposite end of the building from mine, so I don't run into them that often (and see what they are wearing).

This morning, my boss came to talk to me about an assignment. She was wearing a sleeveles black sheath dress, black heels, nude hosiery, multi-colored scarf and understated jewelry. She looked very classy.

I was immediately distracted, inspired and jealous at the same time.

I want to come to work dressed like her! And I lingered on that thought for awhile instead of doing my job.

Good thing such encounters occur infrequently. If I worked in an office full of women all dressed business formal, I'd never get any work done!

Source: MyHabit
Wearing Rebecca Minkoff.

Butterflies Of The Mughal Garden
Actors Aman Verma, Zane Hassan, Arshad Bradyun and Kartik Malhorta
on stage in Sydney, Australia in Butterflies Of The Mughal Garden (2008)


  1. Where was that womanless pageant held they look incredible

    1. Sorry, but I do not have background info regarding that photo.

    2. Mary from Wyoming informed me that that the womanless beauty pageant image is from Leavelle McCampbell Middle School in South Carolina and that it was a pageant for females, not males. (Burned by Pinterest again1)

  2. Business formal, has always quite possibly been my favorite dress style (with the possible exception of Formal), even in my male days. It's shame that now I work in an area where scruffy is more the order of the day. At least it does mean I have been able to wear my shorts on the odd days when the sun has made an appearance.

  3. I would totally agree with you. I feel exactly the same....I would be so distracted, inspired, and most of all jealous. It is the jealous part that grows and grows inside of me that I can't seem to shake off......It is very powerful.......

  4. "Distracted, inspired and jealous at the same time". What a great way to say ir. So True!

  5. I rather think that others would be positively distracted and envious of you. :)