Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Help Us Get Our Identities Back!

A glance at any list in Facebook will easily reveal many obviously made-up names. So why are only some people losing their accounts? Because Facebook uses their reporting system to identify accounts that users think are fake. Why would a user report a fake name account? One is that they are a troll. They hate people with opposing views and want a chance to find and harass them in real life.
Another is that they are a transphobes. 
By using pictures, posts and memberships in trans-related groups, transphobes have identified and had suspended hundreds, maybe thousands of accounts of people who self-identify as trans. This is embarrassing, humiliating and potentially dangerous for those closeted, part-timers and others requiring a level of privacy from those who wish to do them harm.
Corrine is one such person. It has been two months since she was forced to use her "dead name" account on Facebook. This is more than an inconvenience. This has caused untold misery in the face of her courageous journey of transition.
Facebook has made itself indispensable in terms of contacts with friends, contacts with support networks, including professional services. For those who are disabled or otherwise socially isolated, it has become a lifeline. Leaving Facebook is inconceivable for the many, who have experienced the benefits of social-networking, and have found that nothing right now can replace it, at least not for average people without resources like Caitlyn or Janet or Kristin or Jazz.
So why does Zuckerberg insist on continuing a policy that not only empowers trolls but strips victims of their privacy and protections? 
Does he not recognize that only certain groups of people are being targeted for account suspension? Of course he does, and he's good with it too.
We are fighting back and right now, we have nearly 1800 others who have signed our petition to fight back. Can you please sign our petition and share it wherever you can? 
Thank you, 
Corrine and Michelle (and Stana)

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Wearing BB Dakota.

Paul Lynde
Actor/comedian Paul Lynde femulating in the 1966 film Glass Bottom Boat.


  1. If you report an account and they suspend it does that mean it disappears from Facebook altogether or is it still visible.

    I attempted to delete my "dead name" account, including permanent deletion, about 4 years ago. I found out a short while back that its remained visible and on people's friends list to this day. Not something I want, and probably something that is very confusing to people that know that I've transitioned.

    Sending a report to request deletion of the account has had no joy so I'm tempted to try reporting it as fake and see if that gets any joy.

    1. If I try to view my Facebook page from another Facebook account, my Facebook page is not visible. If I view the Friends list of my Facebook Friends, I am no longer on their lists. However, I still get e-mails regarding the birthdays of my Facebook Friends, so go figure! And I cannot delete my account because Facebook won't let me log into my account to delete it (Catch 22, anyone?)

  2. Hi All

    F.B. is something that I just don't use. I am worried about the confidentiality of what gets posted on there - although I've never joined F.B. I've had requests to join it with a list of people who I might know already on the site. The fact that some of these people I have had very limited contact with, often many years ago (sometimes in a professional capacity through emails, sometimes through my fem personality). The fact that these links could be made to me is worrying.

    I also hear stories at regular intervals from friends who are having a dispute with someone which has started on FB. On occasions these have led to the end of long friendships. I can do without that, too.

    Here is an article that is one of many that exposes the dubious ethics of the company.

    This, quite apart from the time followers seem to spend on the site, convinces me that we need to find alternatives.

    Just my thoughts as I know many find the site is a "lifeline" - just be very careful.

    Michelle x

  3. I'm new to the internet n have been lured into checking Facebook, dont think lm a member but dont understand any of this crap. What should l know/do to protect myself?
    p.s.- l DO live in a glass house with plenty of tempting stones at hand. Boys will be boys n l wanna say eff th world!

  4. Hahahahahahahahajahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    1. Thank you for the comment! You are a perfect example of a gutless transphobic troll mentioned in this post.