Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fantasia Fair Update

Me and Jan Preparing to Present
It's official or as "official" as it's going to get!

Jan Brown and I will present "Things You Can Do When You're All Dressed Up" Friday morning (Oct. 23, 10-11:30 AM) at Fantasia Fair. Jan's bio is here and my updated bio is here.

Here is the description of our workshop:

"Jan and Stana will share their experiences about getting out into the wide world and exploring things. Both Jan and Stana (of fame) have been out in various places all over the USA. They will talk about their early ventures and will relate to their feelings on the journey. For example, they are vigilant and try to be aware of their surroundings. It helps to go places with others. There are a lot of what-if's along the way. What would you do if you are stopped by the police en route somewhere? What if you recognize someone or someone recognizes you? What would it be like to attend a show on Broadway? Where do I go to the bathroom? This will be an interactive presentation and will include discussion of family situations. Hopefully, we'll all learn new ideas to enjoy our life even more. Please join us!"

Source: WhoWhatWear
Wearing White House Black Market.

Ambrose Aban
Makeup artist Ambrose Aban.


  1. I wish I could be there. Is there any chance that a video of the presentation could be made.
    You two together are this generation's 'Dynamic Duo'.

  2. Was stopped by police while enfeme for a headlight out. Was near midnight, good that I had no alcohol to drink at the bar I was coming from that evening. Sometimes the police use vehicle equipment malfunctions as an excuse to stop and check for DUI, especially late at night. The officer asked me if I had anything to drink that night, I said a glass of Sprite. He said well that is good that it was straight.The officer wanted to see my DL and insurance card. He went back to his police car and checked my DL record, it was clean :) Then he came back to my car and said I'll give you a verbal warning, have the headlight repaired so you don't get stopped again. Drive safe.