Friday, July 1, 2011

She Loves Shoes

Wednesday, I brought two pairs of shoes with me for my day out en femme. My recent acquisition (five-inch heels) from Shoedazzle and a pair of medium two-inch heel pumps that I bought at Payless (can't remember when). I was leery about driving my manual transmission Subaru in five-inch heels, so I switched to the medium heels when I drove and whenever I knew I would be walking any great distance like all around the town of Stonington.

I cannot remember the last time I wore the medium heel pumps, so I assumed they would be more comfortable than the five-inch heels. Wrong! They were equally comfortable/uncomfortable.

About an hour into the CABO meet-and-greet Wednesday evening, my feet hurt so badly that I took off my heels and went barefoot.

One of the women at the meet-and-greet noticed that I was carrying my five-inch heels instead of wearing them and we began discussing shoes. Since she wears women's shoes more often than I do, I was anxious to hear her take on the topic.

She agreed with me that it is difficult to predict which shoes will be comfortable and which will not. The most comfortable shoes I ever owned had a four-inch stiletto heel; I could wear them all day with nary a whimper from my feet, but one would assume that with a four-inch stiletto heel, they would not be comfortable.

She revealed to me that flats are just as bad as heels. Some are comfortable, some are not. For a long time, I assumed flats would be more comfortable than heels even though my personal experience with flats indicated otherwise.

She also agreed with me that those pricey silicon inserts that are intended to make your shoes more comfortable do nothing comfort-wise.

As she was admiring my shoes, I told her that I bought them from Shoedazzle. Her eyes lighted up and she told me that she was familiar with Shoedazzle, but was reluctant to join because she did not know anyone who had first-hand experience with that shoe-of-the-month club. My positive experience may move her to join, so I sent her an invitation to sign-up. If she joins, I get points and when I get enough points, I get a free pair of shoes (just what I need!).


  1. Oh, tell me about it!

    My first time en-femme I wore flats, which nearly shredded my feet. They're easier to walk on at first, but that's about it.

  2. I can't help but think the comfort factor is more related to the WHOLE FIT of our women's shoes. How many of us go into the shoe store and have a knowledgeable ladies shoe person hekp us? I personally never have but have gone into a self-service shoe store and openly tried them on myself. This works but only to a degree. I do so admire you, Stana, for your openness and your stylish womanly presentation. Love Jaye Anne

  3. AnonymousJuly 03, 2011

    Hi Stana.
    Looking at the heels,I counted how many ladies shoes i had,55 pairs ranging from flip flops to boots.
    Not counting the boobts i have 10 pairs of high heels.4 inch are the ones i love.