Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reaching New Heights

I am still annotating the Famous Females of Height List. I completed all but the 5'10 and 5'11" sub-lists.

The majority of the annotations are like those below, that is, name, profession, and name of film or television show if they're an actress. Some of the annotations are longer and those usually refer to the famous female's connection with femulation. (If I missed any, please let me know.)

In the meantime, I have some additions to the list including a pair of tennis players, a trio of actresses, and a bevy of fashion models from the past.

I don't know how I missed the models; I was infatuated with Suzy Parker and one of my school roommates was infatuated with Cheryl Tiegs. So infatuated that we both obtained autographed photos of our infatuations; my roommate, by sending a fan mail to Ms. Tiegs and I, by purchasing an autographed photo of Ms. Parker online.

Here are the additions from the shortest to the tallest of the tall:

5'8" – Marisa Berenson – model

5'8" – Chelsea Noble – actress – television, Seinfeld ("The English Patient")

5'9" – Rosamund Pike – actress – film, Barney's Version

5'10" – Suzy Parker – (photo above) model, actress – film, Kiss Them for Me, television, Twilight Zone ("Number 12 Looks Just Like You"); Parker was the first "supermodel" according to various pundits.

5'10" – Jean Shrimpton – model

5'10" – Cheryl Tiegs – model

5'10" – Wilhelmina – model

5'11 – Victoria Azarenka – tennis player from Belarus

5'11 – Petra Kvitova – tennis player from Czech Republic

6'1" – Veruschka – model

One more thing: I believe one of you e-mailed me about the two tennis players listed above, but I cannot find that e-mail now, so I don't know who to thank as their source. Thank you nevertheless.


  1. Stana,
    Thank you so much for constantly updating your women of height features.
    My height is the thing I am most insecure about when I am out and knowing there are lots of taller women than me really helps ease my worries.
    Y. xxx

  2. AnonymousJuly 16, 2011

    I once met Suzy, when I was about seven-years-old. My father was a fashion photographer and I used to hang out in the studio. I still have his old model releases, including some that she signed, and many others signed by the top models of the day.

    The best part about seeing all of them was they way they came in jeans, with their hair in rollers, and without makeup. And then they'd come out of the dressing room...