Monday, July 11, 2011

First Time Out

One of the primary goals for writing this blog is to encourage my trans sisters to get out of the closet and go out in public amongst the other beautiful women who populate our world.

I occasionally receive e-mails from my trans sisters that my efforts are having some success. Over the weekend, I received the following story that I want to share with you.

Stana it's been about a year since the last time I e-mailed you.  I have been so impressed with the way you handle yourself in public, I decided to take a chance. 

My wife left for a two-week stay with her sister.

One of our close friends, a very beautiful women and very close friend of my wife, started talking on the phone the night my wife flew out. One conversation led to another and before you know it, we were talking about how comfortable I was to talk to almost like girl-to-girl. 

She had been drinking wine and started telling me her fantasy about me. She has always admired my sexy shapely legs and wanted to see them clad in seamed stockings and stiletto heels, leather skirt, lace top. She stopped and said to me that she really wanted to dress me up to the nines the next evening. 

She is a clothes horse and loves everything feminine. I never told her about my occasional dressing alone when my wife is gone.  The interaction that took place over the next few minutes set the ground work for the next day and a Sunday afternoon of wine tasting.

Saturday morning, I shaved down completely and crossdressed under my jeans and short. The underdressing was in case my neighbors saw me leave the house.

I did my make-up, which totally surprised her when I arrived at her home. I had my clothes, shoes, and wig in the back seat of the car. Once at her house, the transformation only took an hour, exactly what she fantasized about, seamed nude stockings, black leather pencil skirt, 4-inch black pumps, gold ankle bracelet, red lace top, black belt, and black leather jacket. She did my make-up and styled my blond shoulder length wig. Revlon glue-on red nails, and eyelashes. 

She was turned on and totally supportive about what we were doing. She had made reservations at a local bistro for dinner and drinks. It was absolutely amazing!! My first time out in public with a beautiful genetic woman as a well put-together crossdresser. 

My God! Did we get the looks! Matter of fact, midway through the dinner, our waiter brought us wine care of a group of admiring businessmen. 

She told me to dangle my shoe under the table and watch the looks we would get. Very interesting. Occasionally, I would follow her lead and take out my compact and reapply my lipstick and powder my nose. The group of businessmen that bought our wine bought our dinner. Wow --- what a night! We left at 11:30 and headed home. 

She wanted to go to the vineyards on Sunday and she said she wanted to see me again as a female. Casual dress, women's blue jeans, red mock turtleneck, red 2-1/2-inch heels, pearls (hers), long blond wig (hers), and a red purse (hers), full makeup, lipstick matched my shoes and purse. Wow --- what a Sunday! 

No sex, no kissing --- just two girls enjoying life. 

Thanks to you Stana, I gained the courage to step into this great experience. Thanks!,


  1. Hi Stana:

    I totally love your blog and your style! And I'm originally from CT so I enjoy hearing of your travels around the state too.

    This letter from a great trans sister though has me a bit worried for her. While she may feel that she hasn't cheated on her wife... I'm not so sure that the wife will feel the same way.

    Firstly I really hope that her wife ALREADY knows about her trans nature and her dressing... if not that alone very well may be seen as a betrayal of trust. Then to complicate matter by having an 'innocent' (but not really) affair with her wife's 'very beautiful and close friend' might be enough to see an end to a marriage.

    I would urge this nice trans lady to prepare herself to explain (confess?) all of this to her wife... to do so lovingly, emphasizing the innocent nature of the events,perhaps expressing her overwhelming need to dress and express her femininity - while being scared to reveal herself to her wife out of fear of losing her.

    It need to be done very tactfully and lovingly... but trust me... these events WILL become common knowledge and it can only become a bigger deal if it is not addressed sooner than later.

    I wish them all the best of luck and the joy life can bring... and I keep my fingers crossed for everyone involved.

    All the best,

  2. It's a very nice story, Stana, but it seems too good to be true. This seems like the fantasy of many straight crossdressers - to have a wonderful, supportive friend who dresses you up and takes you out. Of course, you pass magnificiently and are admired by gentlemen from afar who never get too close. Then you wrap up the evening as good girlfriends.

    It sounds wonderful. I wish something like this would happend to me.

    I would love to think this story is true but it's just too good. I wonder what other people think.

  3. AnonymousJuly 11, 2011

    It's sounds to good to me as well.
    But I am an optimistic person and hope that it is a wonderfully true story.

    I also want to say that I very very much am in agreement with Jessie on this! And I can't emphasis enough that though I'm sure everything was innocent and nothing more in the mind of our sister an innocent girls night out, the potential for disaster is exponential.

    No matter who she rationalizes the experience, it appears that she went behind her back on a woman she is hopefully in a wonderful marriage with. If she continues doing so with out her wife's knowledge, especially with a close friend of her wives it is a betrayal of the commitment they have with each other. As is this a betrayal of the friends friendship with the wife. I shouldn't have to say why and hope that others see the immorality of this secret kept from someone they both should honor and respect.

    I hope that honesty will prevail and that our sister sees it this way. It may appear to her as innocent fun between "friends" and I'm sure it was. But! It can be the ruination of those friendships and a marriage should the wife ever find out the wrong way. Not to mention that there will have to be lies from now on if she can't be honest with the one she should be most honest with. An other thought what cynicism I have, can't help but wonder if she might have been set up by a suspecting wife and helpful friend. Sorry, I just wished that it could have been the three of them together in this "story".

    I do agree though your blog and those of us who do get out regularly to frolic in our finest with our girl friends are smoothing the bumps for those less courageous. Keep up the great writes, stories and articles.

  4. AnonymousJuly 11, 2011

    No fantasy. I've know this woman for more than 40 years, we grew up together. I can appreciate the skeptics, this was a real event and I cherish every minute of the experience. As far as the idea that I cheated on my wife! I have met her for lunch and dinner before alone without my wife.. Hum I don't see the difference except for my manner of dress. Her husband died a few years back of cancer, he was one of my best friends in high school and college. I promised him that I would not abandon her like what happens to so many cancer survivors months after their spouses death. Granted its a unique relationship but it works. I would imagine that the majority of TG/CD would harbor this relationship as the ultimate in a CD/GG interaction. Ronni

    1. I think this is a great story, but if your wife does not know, then it is betrayal. My husband did this for many years with my best friend. I no longer have that friend, and I have major trust issues with my husband. Please don't ruin your marriage over this woman, it is not worth it in the long run.

    2. Please dont think this is ok, i have been there done that with my husband and best friend, it ruined my friendship and has put a huge strain on my marriage. It was not ok for my husband to do these things with other people. it is the most intimate part of your life and you are sharing it with someone other than your wife, how do you think she will like that? It may be great for you and the friend, but your wife will be devastated that you shared this intimate thing with her.

    3. Too good to be true? It depends on the writing style as well as the reader's tolerance of writing styles different than the reader's own. This is a common problem both within and outside of the CD/TG community. Let's all work on the diversity thing here folks! As for my own writing style, I have also been occasionally criticized for "fantasies", whereas in reality my stories are always true, but with occasional "embellishment". Using photography as a metaphor, why look at a B&W photo when you can see the same thing in color? Why look at a flat 2D photo when you can add depth via 3D? I think you get the picture (no pun intended). So let's celebrate diversity, let's put a little frosting on the cake. Lets put a scoop of ice cream on the side while we're at it. Enjoy!!

      thanks for reading,

  5. That's pretty much what I thought, too, Linda Marie.
    Sounds "too good to be true" (barring the issues Jessie brought up, which are nothing to take lightly if the story is true).

  6. AnonymousJuly 12, 2011

    Your right, the relationship you are having is perfectly natural and normal. Under one and only one circumstance, you wife is aware and approves of it. I will still say it has the impropriety of being illicit especially if it is hidden from your wife. I'm wondering if she were to find out, would she would be so like minded?

    There is no question if what you are saying is true. This is a wonderful relationship and should be cherished, and it has the potential to go long distances in making our lives real and of value. Thus their should be no reason that your wife should not know that you were out with your long time friend.

  7. RachelXavierJuly 15, 2011

    I agree with the sentiment that secrecy can lead to problems. But maybe there is a reason for it, and sometimes is genuinely for the best. As to the veracity of the story, call me foolish but I believe it. I am glad she shared it, and appreciate that you passed it on. Maybe she did not pass undetected, and was admired nonetheless. These details aside, I liked reading of such a success story.

  8. AnonymousJuly 16, 2011

    Those details Rachel are what are important to us and are appreciated very much. Sharing who we are with people is what we should be doing. A hidden life, is a life wasted.