Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Thoughts of a Random Nature

Is it a crime to femulate so well!

criminal-femulator-2011-06-09 This just in: criminal gets plastic surgery to look like a woman!

According to Reuters, "A Mexican man suspected of fraud was so keen to evade the law that he had surgery to make himself look like a woman."

Read all about it here.

(Thank you, Rhonda Williams, for the scoop as well as the title of this bit.)

Femulate Mobile

The only mobile device I own is my Subaru, but yesterday, Blogger offered me an option to provide this blog in a format that is suited for mobile devices. I accepted their offer, but have no idea if it works because my Subaru does not do the Internet.

If you use a mobile device to read this blog, let me know if you noticed the difference and if so, is it an improvement.

Text of Transgender Protection Law

I buried the link to the text of Connecticut's transgender protection law in a comment. In case anyone is interested, I am making the link more visible by providing it here.

The Huffington Post Bits for Girls Like Us

‣ Five-time Emmy Award winning celebrity makeup expert, Eve Pearl, presents a how-to: " Beauty -- Smokey Eyes: Bright Colors to Enhance the Eye,” which you can see here.

‣ Meanwhile, 6’3” L'Wren Scott is self-conscious about being tall tall (been there, done that). Read her story here.


  1. AnonymousJune 09, 2011

    Hi Stana
    I read your blog daily on my iPad, and I can't see any difference since your Subaru change (in the UK Subaru are only known for cars)
    I love your blog and the links - thanks for all the good work

    Iona McLean x

  2. Sorry still can't get it on the Volvo

  3. I would find it hard to believe he'd do that unless he already had tendancies, but holy cow! Of course the real question IS in fact, did he also have a sex change? If not, I believe (especially in mexico where jails don't give a crap), your stuck in the population of whatever gender you actually are (not present). So something tells me he's going to be making a prison mate very happy for a long time

  4. AnonymousJune 09, 2011

    Hi, I was amazed when I saw this yesterday in the news (I live in Mexico), it has not been disclosed if she has received SRS or if this has only been an "escape from the law". But was sent to the male detention facility. I am very worried of what will happen because it would not be clearly protected by law, and even if she committed a crime, sending her to jail looking like that means certain trouble for her.

  5. as good an excuse as any for plastic surgery. nytimes poll says 25% would do the same, 75% 'no way'.
    maybe she needed the overcharging to get the surgery.

  6. She kooks so good -I wish she did not get caught!

  7. Dear Stana,

    The mobile version displays properly on my iPhone. It lists the headlines and the first couple of lines of text for each of the entries that would appear in the middle panel of the full website version. You can click on the headline to expand the specific article, and when you do, it displays the selected article in full with all comments right below it. There is a link at the bottom of the expanded mobile page that takes you back to the full 3-panel "desktop" web layout.



  8. AnonymousJune 10, 2011

    Somehow, I believe the prosecutors have the order wrong. Rather than being femaled and living a woman to cover up the theft, she committed the theft to pay for being femaled so she could live as a woman.

    We all know that living trans is not easy, and if you don't have the woman inside of you, there is no way you are going to show it on the outside.

    She just looks too good to be in disguise, in hiding. She looks more revealed than concealed, at least to me.

  9. AnonymousJune 10, 2011

    The mobile version works but I find it to be a bit clumsy on the Iphone since it does not show the posts in its whole. I also can't see the femulate her / femulated pics which I find a shame. As a result I always scroll down to activate the web version which works better on an Iphone.

  10. AnonymousJune 10, 2011

    I still prefer the full web view on my iPhone. But its nice to have the choice.

  11. Wow! He might be a criminal, but he looks good as a she. Great Story, i wish this happened more often.