Friday, June 24, 2011

Lashes -- Gone to Extremes

Beauty and style expert, Paul Venoit, writes in The Huffington Post about the latest fashion in the beauty world, i.e., "the need for luscious, long lashes."

In his "Lashes -- Going to Extremes," Venoit describes the history of eyelash fashjion and the potential dangers of using lash growth products (like Latisse).

Last June, I wrote here about how at my "last makeover, the makeover artist mentioned that my eyelashes are blond and thin. She suggested that I try an eyelash growth stimulator to add some heft to my lashes."

Shortly thereafter, Avon introduced "an eyelash growth serum in their product line. Since I am an Avon rep, the rep discount price for the product was very attractive, so I ordered a tube."

I began using the serum religiously applying it in the morning and evening, as recommended. After two weeks, I was not thrilled with the results, but into week three and beyond, I began noticing a difference. By week five, there was a big difference.

After two or three months, my eyelashes were spectacular. Not so much without mascara (since my lashes are blond), but with mascara --- wow, what a difference. Even after I cut back to applying the serum once a day instead of twice, I still noticed improvement.

Moreover, there were no side effects, so I was a very happy girl.

In October, I had an eye exam and my eye doctor tested me for glaucoma. Turns out that I do have the early stages of glaucoma and the doctor prescribed eye drops to manage the problem.

I began using the eye drops religiously applying them every evening, as recommended.

My doctor listed the eye drops possible side effects. Bloodshot eyes was one side effect that I began to experience almost immediately; most mornings, my eyes are bloodshot, some days worse than others and some days, not at all.

Another potential side effect he listed was eyelash growth. The Avon serum was already doing that and I did not believe that my eyelashes could get any better, but a few weeks after I began using the glaucoma medication, I noticed even more improvement. My lower lashes were getting better, too!

I assume that the Avon serum is a watered-down version of some glaucoma medication. So it makes sense that since I began using a full-strength glaucoma med, my eyelashes have responded accordingly.

I still recommend the Avon serum for those of you lucky enough to not have glaucoma. It made a big difference for me, but everyone is different and your mileage may vary.


  1. AnonymousJune 25, 2011

    Eyelashes are one of the most essential features that can be easily overlooked.

    For example it is purely by the addition of eyelashes that bugs bunny goes from male to femme fatale drag act.

  2. AnonymousJune 26, 2011

    Love your site! Is this the ANEW serum Avon's discontinued? :-(

  3. Anonymous #2 --- The serum is still available "while supplies last" for $8.99. Here is the link:

  4. AnonymousJune 26, 2011

    I tried a different serum and I had the same positive results. Then, like you, I was diagnosed with Glaucoma. The drops have made my lashes even longer. My 23-year old daughter noticed then recently and stated she was envious of my long lashes. They make my placing drops in my eyes more difficult. But I love them.

  5. Latisse was developed for glaucoma. Latisse makes your lashes grow and can also change the color of your eyes. A few other 'enhancers' are Jan Marini lash/mascara and also Rapid Lash.