Thursday, June 23, 2011

Famous Females of Height Revision

I am in the process of revising the Famous Females of Height List.

In addition to adding yesterday's new additions to the list, I changed its format. Before, all the females of the same height were listed in one unwieldy paragraph. Now, each female appears on a separate line.

I am also adding a very brief biography to each female in the list (this will take some time to complete).

Finally, where applicable, I am adding a note about any transgender connection to the listed female.

Check it out.


  1. AnonymousJune 23, 2011

    Oh good, now I really have something to live for: everyone on a separate line!!!! Oh, why not try using the correct noun- "woman" - rather than the disrespectful "female"...and never prefixed with either "genetic" or "biological" which is just so ignorant.

  2. I approve of the new format. It provides clarity and room for comments and relevant information.

    I could stand to do without the comments from 'Anonymous". Seems a bit over the top and snide. I have never sensed the slightest bit of disrespect from you towards women/females. It should almost be anticipated that in a blog dealing with gender issues that there will be times when greater specificity is required. I am not a fan of the word "ignorant". It hardly ever applies.

  3. AnonymousJune 24, 2011

    Snide, you say Pat? No, just providing some honest feedback. What is needed sorely on this blog is a little circumspection and a healthy dose of reality check.
    Grammatically, the noun “woman” should be used always, not the adjective “female”, even though the latter may be in popular (mis)use. To do otherwise shows ignorance, in both the ill-informed and the ill-mannered senses of the word. Rules of grammar, plain and simple. Notwithstanding the grammatical concerns, using the prefixes “biological”, “genetic” or its ghastly variation “GG” – for “genetic girl” – can demean those you profess to admire and be like. Tranny, dragqueen, shemale; all popular terms too but doubtless you would be offended to be described thus. Once again, it is not too difficult, just simple respect, and if you can’t show it to others then don’t complain when you don’t get it yourself.
    To the infamous list. So there are “x” number of well-known women at or above a certain height. Why get so excited, it doesn’t change anything. If you think you may be more comfortable – “pass” – when in public, knowing that there are tall women out there as well, then just add 100 pounds in mass and you will be wholly undetectable among the even more numerous overweight of society. Or must you look pretty to feel like a woman?
    Pat yourselves on the back as much as you like, keep your heads buried in the sand, flatter yourself that you “pass” but Newsflash: You don’t! The Pope will be a long time back from his honeymoon before that happens. People generally are just being polite to us and let’s be honest many a time we are hearing only what we want to hear, seeing only what we want to see. To expose any delusions, have someone film you while you are out; guaranteed to be a real eye-opener. Easier still, watch the reaction of children, they pick you out instantly.

    Paul, prev “anonymous”

  4. AnonymousJune 24, 2011

    He continues...

    The overwhelming feeling as a visitor to this blog is that everyone is really just playing dress-ups, looking for compliments and affirmations as to how gorgeous everyone looks. If your real feelings would be described more accurately as enjoying wearing women’s clothes then for heaven’s sake just go with that, drop the pretence of “the woman inside”, refer to it as your feminine side if you wish but be honest with yourself and others. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing whatever you like, but Newsflash number 2: being a woman is more than just putting on the sexy clothes and making our faces pretty.
    As regards what one wears, well this is just an opinion, but mid-thigh length dresses in public have gone well past their expiry date once your age is greater than your bra size. That includes those who have better than average legs...unless your only intention is to be noticed and if that is the case then be prepared for the negative reactions as well. We really do not want see a man in a very short dress; just a little beyond that hem lies something else we don’t want to be thinking about so be kind to us please!
    As I say, be who you are, do as you please, but don’t confront others with something you may have been struggling with for years and expect instant and/or total acceptance. Putting your agenda above the thoughts or concerns of others is a recipe for rejection. Some years ago I told my family, friends and colleagues about myself but did so thoughtfully and carefully. Now, I can look back pleasantly at the occasions when I went to work dressed as a woman (without having to fabricate excuses for doing so), the Hens Night that my wife and I shared, the numerous times I have been on stage dancing the same roles as the ladies in my jazz, tap or ballet classes that I started a couple of years ago. It is very liberating to throw off the yoke and just be yourself. Really, why care about how long Nicole Kidman or any other woman is; it changes nothing about you, changes nothing for you.
    Those with partners, remember they have important needs and feelings too; it’s not all about you/me/us. Don’t get caught up with an obsession to the exclusion of those who love you and whom you love.
    Paul, prev “anonymous”
    (I’m happy be known by my given name and referred to as him or her, regardless of how I dress. It is who I am. To each their own though.)

  5. Dear Stana,

    I think it's ironic that Anonymous Paul included the following between two complete sentences in one of his supercilious posts:

    "Rules of grammar, plain and simple."

    Am I wrong in thinking that the above violates the “rules of grammar”, in that it is a sentence fragment?

    Anyway, Stana, I like your positive blog, and commend you on leaving posts that are not so positive. I find you to be a highly intelligent and fair person.



  6. AnonymousJune 24, 2011

    Trying to help you people face some realities is a lost cause. Proves my point even further; no-one wants to face the truth, you prefer to keep your heads jammed in the sand, like ostriches. Go ahead, maintain your delusions, put yourselves above all others...and don't forget your mantra: "I feel like a woman! I feel like a woman!" If you have to tell yourself or others that you feel like a woman, then you sure as hell aren't one. Grow up people!