Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"How To Get Dolled-Up?" Is the Question

Saturday, I will attend One Big Event, a benefit dinner-dance for the Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective. I attended last year and had a wonderful time and look forward to attending again.

The big attraction for this girl is that formal attire is encouraged! It does not take much effort to encourage me to get all dolled up; I just have to decide how to get dolled up.

Since the vast majority of One Big Event attendees did not go to Fantasia Fair, I plan to wear one of the cocktail dresses I premiered in Provincetown last month: either the charcoal portrait collar dress or the purple disco dot trapeze dress.

Now I just have to make up my mind!


  1. Dear Stana,

    You look gorgeous in either of those sweet dresses. Let us know which one you did wear, maybe with a picture of you in it at the event. Have a great time there.

    I'm awaiting delivery of a pink chiffon tea-length cocktail dress from www.lightinthebox.com. Thank You for your email giving me your impressions of this company (namely, very good quality, but sizing may run a little small).


    Sheila from Tampa.

  2. If it were my choice I'd pick the former. But YDMV.

    Today though I'd shell out for the dress the "Femulate her" girl is wearing. Mild curses upon you Stana for putting temptation my way!

  3. Both look great on you, but I think I'd go for the trapeze dress.

  4. Stana,

    I kept looking at both of your choices and I'm glad I don't have to decide. They are both gorgeous. Good luck with the decision. I do have a favorite Stana outfit. It is here.

    Have fun!


  5. Go with the Charcoal portrait dress!
    Hugs Allison!

  6. I agree with Anonymous the Charcoal portrait dress is more statuesque for a more formal occasion. No matter you will be gorgeous.


  7. Hello Lady,

    I agree that you will look lovely in either outfit, but personally I prefer you in the Trapeze Dress. It shows your legs to perfection, and you have very good legs by the way, and seems to say "Look out world here comes one foxy Lady". Wear it and shine.

  8. I vote for the purple disco dress.
    Think that both you and the dress are awful CUTE!!!!