Saturday, November 27, 2010

Avoiding a Black and Blue Friday

Thanksgiving is a difficult holiday for girls (male or female) trying to maintain their figures.

I did not want to be blue on "Black Friday," so I refused to get on the bathroom scale on Friday. Saturday morning, I gritted my teeth and climbed on the scale; I was happy to see that I gained only one pound.

It should be a piece of cake to lose that pound in time for my next outing en femme on Tuesday, when I will speak at two human sexuality classes at a local university. I also hope to do some holiday shopping and visit a jolly old elf.

As usual, I am looking forward to doing outreach at the two classes as well as experiencing a day when I will be myself.


  1. Sheila from TampaNovember 28, 2010

    Dear Stana,

    You go, girl! Have fun telling the outreach classes about yourself and we "special women". I know the female students will love your look and presentation, and hopefully, all or most of the males, as well. I have found that most genetic women love we femulators -- they admire that we can put aside all the macho nonsense, and they feel good about we special girls understanding the joys of makeup and women's lingerie and outerwear, but also the effort and time it takes to make ourselves feminine and presentable.

    Aren't we femulators so lucky to experience a small portion the loveliness of womanhood? I adore being a girl!



  2. Sheila --- I often get positive comments from the female students, cannot recall any from the male students. However, outside of classes, I have received positive feedback from male students and professors, who did not know my natal gender.

  3. I really feel sorry for the arch-typical "macho" men who live their lives so horribly constricted in what they can wear or how they groom themselves. Realizing that makes me a little more tolerant when I receive criticism for wearing feminine garments and shoes.

    Stana, maybe the males are too bashful to publicly compliment you in your classes.

    Take care,

    John H.

  4. I don't think the macho men feel constricted. It's the men who want to wear something else that feel constricted. Every time my wife hears me say anything about how I would like to be female her response is what's so great about being a woman? You do great work Stana with those out reach classes and I think that's more feminine than shopping on black friday or any day.