Friday, November 26, 2010

Bras for Girls, Bras for Boys, Bras for Everyone

A female acquaintance obtained employment as a salesperson at a local Victoria's Secret store. Her first day on the job was Wednesday and she had one male customer (in boy mode) who wanted to be measured for a bra.

Today will be her second day on the job. I wonder how many boys buying bras for themselves she will encounter today, or was Wednesday's encounter an anomaly.

By the way, her store is the same Victoria's Secret store that I frequent.


  1. My nephew's wife used to work for a Victoria's Secret and had a very descriptive conversation one day about guys shopping in her store.
    She said (without prompting) the staff could tell who was buying for themselves...wink...wink.
    She never did say anything about "dressed" men shopping. Either they didn't or were very good!

  2. Sheila from TampaNovember 26, 2010

    Dear Stana,

    I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for this lovely BLOG. Today's male cross-player is very cute. Have you ever seen a cosplay in person?



  3. Well done with this blog, I find that you are always interesting, sometimes challenging, and ussually entertaining. Today's makes me wonder how many men cross dress to some extent or another I have heard so many theories, certainly one in a hundred has come up a few times ( that means that there should be one other at my church!) but if asked how many would give an honest answer, especially if asked in teh street with thier wife or friend near by?

    I don't supose we will ever find out but it would beinteresting to know how wierd, or "normal" we are

  4. Sheila - I have never had an opportunity to see cosplay in person.

  5. I wonder if the staff at each Vcitoria's Secret store is given some form of training in dealing with transgendered customers?

  6. Love your blog. Also love wearing bras, love the tight feeling on my chest and the illusion of having breasts. Make me feel oh so fem.

  7. To be a passing crossdresser, you will need a bra !

    It used to be a big hassle, but I will just buy them. No, I am not going to make some poor girl measure me in a store. She would spend the next 2 hours scrubbing her skin off with lye if I did that to her.

    Measuring oneself is accurate enough if you follow the methods from the many lingerie sites on the internet. Then, just go buy the darn thing, no one cares !


  8. AnonymousJune 25, 2013

    hi tommy here
    im a boygurl and i wear a 42 dd and my boy boobs are getting bigger whats the next size i need ddd or e?
    will my victoria secret sales girl measure me and know im buying for myself. how will she react you think to a sissyboy me buying from her
    from sissyboy tommy

  9. AnonymousJuly 02, 2015

    I wish i could wear a bra