Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Velvet (Not Friday) On My Mind

BlackVelvet1974 While I was admiring the holiday dresses online at Spiegel this morning I had a flashback.

I recalled driving around town in the mid-1970s and encountering a billboard for Black Velvet Whisky featuring a blonde in a black velvet dress sprawled seductively across 50 feet of horizontal advertising space.

I had seen similar advertisements in magazines, but this was my first Black Velvet Girl billboard encounter. The combination of the model's beauty, the contrast of between her blonde do and her black dress, and her immense size was dazzling. I kept an eye out for more Black Velvet billboards during my automobile outings and during the next half-dozen years or so, I had many encounters.

Guys encountering such advertisements might wish that they could bed a Black Velvet model. Gals encountering such advertisements might wish they could look like a Black Velvet model.

I wished I could do both.


  1. Stana,
    Being about the same age I have clear and vivid memories of the "Black Velvet" ads. Those ads struck multiple notes for me, not the least of which was the thought of the touch and feel of the beautiful dresses worn by the models in the ads.

  2. Everybody who wears a dress must have a black velvet dress! I do have one. I made it for my ex-wife who outgrew it and left it at the house when she left me. When I made it for her I never dreamed that I would wear it.

    John H.