Friday, July 30, 2010


100730 My New Suit

My "Chanel suit" arrived in yesterday's mail from Jessica London and it fit perfectly.

It helped that the jacket and skirt were separate sales items, so I was able to order the jacket in one size and the skirt in another size.

My top and bottom are not the same size. My top is bigger, so if I buy a dress or a suit that is not composed of separate sales items, I order the size that will fit my top, which often results in room to spare in the bottom.

I’ve thought about padding my bottom to fill in the spare room, but I have not resorted to that yet.

Outreach Wear

I'd love to wear my new suit when I do outreach on Monday, but the suit is tweed and fully lined, so it would be much too warm wear it now, (The temperature around here has been in the 80s and 90s for most of the month with humidity all over the place.)

Instead, I plan to wear a white short-sleeved T and a black pencil skirt with a wide black patent belt. I will accessorize with my black and white bag and black and white high heel sandals. I will have a photo to post here early next week.

Femulate Her and The Femulated Images

Regular readers of this blog know that every day I change the "Femulate Her:" and "The Femulated:" images in the left sidebar. However, I liked the current combination of Heidi Klum and Chris Williams so much that I decided to leave them be for another day.

And thank the Goddess, it's Friday!


  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2010

    I absolutely love the picture of Heidi Klum
    She has a great figure and her legs are spectacular. You can tell from the tone and smooth skin show they are well cared for

    Jean Ann

  2. Look forward to seeing a picture of your in the Channel suit in the Fall.

  3. Jean Ann --- I agree; Heidi looks fantastic in that photo!

  4. Laurie --- Last night, I tried on the suit quickly to see if it was big enough ad it was. Tonight, I tried it on over my girdle and bra and the jacket and blouse are too big. So they are going back for a size exchange. I hope the smaller size is not too small.