Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life in the Gynocracy

a woman and her man Pat e-mailed me a link to a Newsweek magazine article that asks, "What if men everywhere had to conform to beauty standards set by women?"

"We sure spend a lot of time talking about ideal female beauty—and why women spend so much time obsessing about it. But what if we lived in a world where women had always been the kings, the presidents, the bosses (and, thus, the arbiters of beauty)? Perhaps we’d call it a 'Gynocracy'—a place where superficial women would set the standards for attractiveness, and men would have to conform to them."

You can read the rest of the article here.


  1. Such a silly concept.

    Women have always set the rules for attractiveness in men, and while they like good looks, other attributes have always topped the list, issues like wealth, security, excitement, commitment, future potential and such.

    Women mostly want to be the pretty ones, which is why they dress men in tuxedos while they wear the cocktail dresses. It's a nice framing device.

    I would suggest that women find attraction in deeper attributes than just looks, which seems to be a sensible strategy that won't change anytime soon, no matter how silly & cute it is to consider a flip.

  2. Well, Stana, it's not yet even a full decade since the answer above... and would not many argue at how rapidly accelerating is the reversal of the dynamics of the reversal of power between the emerging Female Sex as master over that of the diminishing male?

    Sweet dear little male girls perhaps they SHALL SOON BE FEEL SO-SO embarrassingly "silly and cute" as as their strong and mirthful Female Master Superiors CONSIDER ordering them to FLIP the hems of their dainty feminine skirts in obedient ladylike curtsy.

  3. Are there women who actually feel a man is submissive to her? I sure hope so!