Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brandon femulates in a Dolce&Gabbana polka dot dress, Noriko Millie wig, and makeup by Stana

Click on the image for a better color rendition.


  1. Hi Stana!
    Those "[someone] femulates ..." postings are great! Are these people (Millard, Brandon) US celebrities? Maybe you could add their full name somewhere, s.t. non-US people like me could google for them? :)

    Best greetings!

  2. I love the pics. Only wish it was me in the outfit.

  3. Pia --- Friday's and Saturday's femulations are mashups that I created with Photoshop. I start with an online photo of a female model modeling female clothing, replace her head with the head of an anonymous male model modeling male clothing (both Millard and Brandon came from, add an appropriate wig from a wig seller web site, then apply makeup using various Photoshop tools.

  4. I understand! I thought that the faces were copied from some known persons. Wouldn't that be interesting, though?