Monday, July 19, 2010

Role Reversal Reading

Back in March, I wrote a four-part series here titled What Will Men Wear When Women Wear Trousers?. It described how male and female roles have changed during the past 100 years and what will happen if they continue to follow the 100-year trend, i.e., a complete role reversal with women becoming the "new men" and men becoming the "new women" of the 21st Century.

After posting that series, I discovered a couple of blogs that were on-topic;

Patti's Male Femininity & Gender Role Reversal, which follows and advocates the current trends in role reversal.

Eve's Boys in the Pink, which describes the progression of the role reversal through the remainder of this century.


  1. They are excellent sites - Patti's includes lots of great photos and Eve's Rib has some lovely artwork.

  2. There are two more blogs about full gender role reversal.
    At least I also like it.

  3. I was probably in my early teens when I saw this picture in Mad Magazine. It really turned me on because even at that young age I was already dreaming of "being taken" by a self assured dominant woman. Thank you for the memories!